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Fulham Area Inquests

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    Fulham Area Inquests

    Can anyone tell me where inquests for the Fulham area would be kept.

    I am looking for May 1953 and the inquest of a 4 year old called Edward Patrick Tobin who appeared to drown.

    The young lad is my wife's cousin hence the research.

    Thanks in advance.


    As far as I know, inquest papers are destroyed 20 years after the inquest. You may find a report in the local paper as they always reported inquests. The date of the inquest will be on the death certificate usually.



      How sad. Did you find these newspaper reports?


      tobin 2.JPG

      I cannot see an inquest report though.
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        Thanks. I have the newspaper articles from the Daily Mirror, Daily Herald and the last report is on the 22nd May 1953 in the West London Observer stating the inquest had opned and then been adjourned until 26th May 1953.

        We were in Putney on Tuesday evening when she told me about it. She never knew Edward's name as it was not spoken about.

        I did a bit of FreeBMD in the pub and found his parents names marriage and the birth/death years of Edward. Then on Monday found the newspapers.

        She was hoping to see the actual inquest paperwork (or copies) to see what happened.

        Thanks ... the search continues.


          The LMA (London metropolitan Archives) catalogue says they have Coroners records, including case papers, for the London Western Coroners District, which would include Fulham, for 1927 -1964.

          (You may want to check the death certificate to be certain which Coroners District held the inquest)
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            Thanks Anthony.

            LMA were emailed but they don't have anything and suggested the Fulham coroners.

            Email sent to them and awaiting a reply.