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Birth of Brigitta McQuaid to Honora Cassidy

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    Birth of Brigitta McQuaid to Honora Cassidy

    I am a bit stuck with the above birth. Brigitta McQuaid (or McQuade) was illegitimate - her mother, Honora McQuaid had a "fling" - it is possible she married the father of Brigitta - if she did, she committed bigamy. Her husband found out or she told him and he accepted Brigitta (Bridget) as his own child.
    The attached is Brigitta's baptism and it appears unreadable (to me at least) comment in the side column that there was some query about the child being baptised. This suggests that the priest knew about the illegitimacy. The putative father hot footed it to USA when he realised Honora was pregnant or just after the birth.
    Am not sure whether Honora committed bigamy or not ?possible.
    The extra Cassidy on the page is J. Cassidy and he is the Parish Priest - no relative. Basically I am hoping someone can read what is in the left hand column relating to the baptism of Brigitta. I attach the original entry of the baptism separately. ?Latin!
    Grateful thanks, Sue - (baptismal document to follow I hope on separate post)
    (May need to get help to put it on!)
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    We had a go at editing with no luck, I couldn't find the image you referred to on Ancestry, so I've found another link for you.. I hope it is the correct record:

    From Sue's posts which have been deleted:

    Bridget Cassidy - Kilskeery birth register 1869

    17 January 1869

    Kilskeery Parish Register (of Makenny)

    Makenny Baptism: Bridget child of Francis Cassidy and Honora McQuaid. Sponsors: Bridget McQuaid and "unreadable". Priest: J. Cassidy
    Caroline's Family History Pages
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      Looking at that image I'm thinking that the note in the margin is for the baptism of Michael, below Bridget's entry. The note has a circle enclosing it and joining it to that baptism. Can't read very much of it!

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        Yes, agree with Anne.
        The "unreadable" Looks like Neale(?) ????
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          In Irvinestown,in the Counties of Tyrone & Fermanagh, the birth of a Bridget Cassidy was recorded. The birth
          took place at Makenny on 5th Jan 1869. Father was Francis Cassidy (Labourer) Mother was (Looks like) Naughty Cassidy formerly McQuaid.
          She registered the birth on 22nd of same month.

          Try this link.. https://civilrecords.irishgenealogy....09/2250210.pdf
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            Hi Caroline; first of all a big thankyou for putting things right on FTF after I had created a disaster. You must dread me posting on here again and I apologise profusely for what happened (except I haven't a clue how it happened)
            You have the right person and it is the bit written sideways that I cannot read - suspect it may be in latin. It may relate to the fact that Francis Cassidy is actually not her father but is prepared to accept her into the family ............ his wife Honora, to put it delicately, erred!!! Sue


              Hi Sue,
              See post #3 and 4 - Anne and I agree that the note does not belong to Brigitta's baptism. It belongs to the next baptism for a Michael.
              My avatar is my Great Grandmother, Cassandra Elizabeth Palmer 1861 to 1940