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Thomas Lundie - Scotland 1700s and hopefully earlier

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    Thomas Lundie - Scotland 1700s and hopefully earlier

    I am mostly interested in going backwards up the tree, but I'll take anything.

    What I have is as follows...

    Thomas Lundie (d.1723 Gobbintore)

    Spawned Thomas Lundie (m.1758 Aug 3) to Isabel McKenzie (b. c.1722)

    Spawned John Lundie (born Jan. 23, 1759 in Glenisla, Angus) who married Martha Torbet (b. c.1776 Kingoldrum, d. 1856 Lintrathen)

    Spawned Elisabeth (1792 Apr 11), James (1813 Aug 15), Jean, Jannet (1810 May 17), Alexander, David (1803 Feb 3) and William (1800 May 16) Lundie. (all born in Lintrathen except Elisabeth born in Glenisla, so not 100% sure about her).

    I'm foggy on the evidence moving up the tree from John Lundie, and have nothing to move up from Thomas Lundie Sr. with any confidence.

    Any new leads are welcome. This is probably the last stab I'm going to take at this line, so I want to give it everything I've got.

    There is a Will on SP for Thomas Lundie who died 1723. Not sure it will take you any further back (I find it difficult to read). If you want a copy let me pm me your e mail



      I just realized that there is probably at least one generation between the two Thomas Lundies at the top of the tree (if they are in fact direct relations).

      The older Thomas Lundie died in 1723.

      The younger Thomas Lundie would have been born around 1720 most likely.

      Also, the executor of the older Thomas' 1723 will was a John Lundie.

      If this helps at all.