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    Just to throw another spanner in the works! I have personally known two people called Jean but it was not their given name or even a diminutive. It was just what everyone called them.


      Jean, Janet, especially in Scotland hey



        No, Edna, these two had completely different names but were known by everyone as Jean! I'm just flagging up the possibility that you all could still be on the right track even though the mother's name is reported to be different to that found in the indexes.


          Hello everyone,

          Sorry i've not responded sooner. I made contact with the national archives and they have no records of this name change, which is disappointing to hear. So that, i'm afraid is a dead end. I'm not entirely sure where to go from here, with the very limited information that I have. Its a bit all of over the place really.

          Thank you for all of your assistance, its appreciated, have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2019!



            Originally posted by Anne in Carlisle View Post
            It sounds as though he died in an accident. You can't get inquest reports for such a relatively recent event but you may find it reported in a newspaper. 1975 is too recent for the online newspaper archives but a library local to Birmingham would have them. You do have the advantage of the excact date of the inquest, so any newspaper report would be close to that.
            I have a copy of the clipping, John' friend sent it to me on facebook - it appears he fell from a high rise tower block - grim really.


              Originally posted by Janet in Yorkshire View Post

              Now we know about the deed poll, I think we probably are following the wrong family unit. I don't think John's surname at birth registration would have been Roscorla, or there would have been no need for him to make the change. As the child usually takes the name of the mother, I don't think at the time of the birth she was named Roscorla either.

              I am having great difficulty trying to piece together all the other snippets of information, or perhaps unintentional mis-information.

              Rosko, do you know roughly which part of the country any of these people were born and when?

              Hi Jay,

              I have no idea i'm afraid, just the address' of my grandparents on the wedding certificate - but its in the 70's so may not be recorded online yet? If there is one for that period?


                Originally posted by rosko View Post
                Hi Jay,

                I have no idea i'm afraid, just the address' of my grandparents on the wedding certificate - but its in the 70's so may not be recorded online yet? If there is one for that period?
                The Electoral Register would give a list of the people living at an address. The records are unlikely to be online but you can check them personally at a library local to the address or possibly the local Records Office.

                Ask the local council that covers the address where the Electoral Registers for the years concerned are held. If you can't get to the place then there is most likely someone on here who will got for you - look at the Board for Research Offers or post on Research Requests Board.

                Good luck!


                  Hey everyone,

                  sorry I’ve been gone for so long and thank you for all of your replies. I kept hitting brick walls on this, and the national archives have no record of a deed poll.

                  after some posting on Facebook I’ve managed to clarify a couple of things

                  - John’s original surname was apparently Taisler

                  - he was born in 1952 and not 1953

                  - I’ve found that he was buried or cremated at Yardley cemetery under John Roscorla (will be taking a visit when I can.)

                  - there was an inquest following his death so I’ve requested a copy

                  - His mother didn’t marry Mr Roscorla but people referred to her as “Mrs Roscorla.”

                  ive checked ancestry and there are some records so may sign up to the free trial to see if we can get any more info


                    You maybe able to access Ancestry via your library at home, as libraries are starting to reopen they may switch off the service.
                    Family Tree site

                    Researching: Luggs, Freeman - Cornwall; Dayman, Hobbs, Heard - Devon; Wilson, Miles - Northants; Brett, Everett, Clark, Allum - Herts/Essex
                    Also interested in Proctor, Woodruff