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Searching for Rev. Cooke in 18th Century Hampshire, England

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    Edward Cooke and others


    I am having trouble replying to your private message. Is there an easier way?

    Originally posted by Lily1950 View Post
    I have sent a private message to qcg7248, who I think may have tried to reply, but the message is blank. I do have a little more information about Mary Cooke (née Hanmer) which I would be happy to share.



      I hope you get this. The site is very confusing to reply to. Yes I would like what details you have on Mary Cooke nee Hanmer. I thought i had sent you further info on Augustus Cooke's sons but won't repeat at this stage until I can sort out how to do a private message other than to say it seems strange that all three sons who survived infancy disappeared from records as far as I can tell as follows; Charles Augustus and Frederick after 1851 when they were at a small boarding school in Lambeth and Edward in 1871 who was at home aged 18 years living at home. If you get this let me know. My mother was a Cooke from a collateral line of Edward's from the Cook(e) family of Gloucester.


        Post as many messages on the boards as you can as it helps to have made ten messages to send and receive a PM
        add your surnames to the surnames boards or write on the off topic boards, join the quizzes or anything just to get up to ten quickly.



          I have previously advised Lily about the postings etc Edna and also qcg as to why the PM's may not be working.

          To send a Private Message you need to click on the name of the name of the person and you will find the Private Message link. To reply to one, Click on 'Reply to Private Message' and type your message below anything that they have written (including the final [QUOTE], tehn press send.

          For detailed instructions - You will find the 'How to send and reply to Private Messages under Board FAQ's . If you scroll down the following page you will come to them -

          If you are still having problems after Lily has made a minimum of 10 post and you have followed the above instructions, please don't hesitate to ask for help again.
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            Thank you all for your help. I have just sent qcg7248 another PM regarding the Cooke family. Hopefully we will now establish contact!


              This page may also be helpful to you Lily until you have made 10 posts -
              Chrissie passed away in January 2020.