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    I've been trying for years to prove this is one and the same person.

    Charles Graham m. Agnes Lee in Dumfries, 1808. He was a Berwickshire militia man.
    1869, Dumfries, death of Charles Graham,a baker, widower of Agnes Lee.

    I can follow the militiaman up to c1815 from records in several locations in UK.
    The first definite record for the baker is the 1823 record fo the birth of ther 3rd? child in Dumfries. then BDMs etc and also newspaper articles.

    Recently the Index for the Dumfries Police Tax Books, 1810/1818 have been put on line and I've found this:-

    1817 page 1 shows Charles Graham, militiaman
    1817 page 2 shows Charles Graham, baker, at a different address.
    1818 mentions of Charles Graham, baker.

    Dare I believe that the militiaman became a baker at some time during 1817 and can I discount the possibility that he just moved away?

    Your thought will be much appreciated.

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    Can you find a second Charles Graham & Agnes Lee marriage?
    Can you find any documentation of the baker pre 1817?
    Can you find any documentation of the militiaman post 1817?

    If the answer to each is "no" then I'd say yes, they are the same man.
    Incidentally the militia would have needed bakers (as they did tailors, cordwainers, grooms etc) so perhaps not the complete change of occupation that it seems???

    I've had one or two similar scenarios, where my conclusion has been "almost certainly yes - unless I find further evidence to the contrary at some point in the future."
    Janet in Yorkshire

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      If the answer to each is "no" then I'd say yes, they are the same man

      Thanks for your reply Janet. Yes, the answer is no. Charles enrolled at about aged 11yrs as a drummer boy and all his subsequent records list him with the drummers except when he was recruiting.


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        Given that Militia men weren't regular army but called up to defend the area during the Napoleonic wars -- I would say he was both a militia man and a baker.

        From the National Archives below

        8.1 Local militia lists (1758-1831)

        Every parish in England and Wales was obliged to create lists of males aged 18 to 45, and to hold a ballot to choose those who had to serve in the Militia.
        Two lists were created each year from 1758-1831:
        • militia lists (of all men)
        • militia enrolment lists (of men chosen to serve)

        The lists should provide an annual male census for the local area, giving details about men and their family circumstances. They are held in local archives but the coverage of the country is not complete. Consult Gibson's and Medlycott's Militia lists and musters 1757-1876.
        Local archives also hold poor law records which can include orders for the maintenance of children of militiamen.

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          Thanks for your reply JBee.

          I have Charles on muster rolls from 1803 to c1814. Unfortunately they contain no personal details. There are description books, giving personal details for various militia at TNA but the Berwickshire Militia does not appear to be included.
          I may get something at the NAScotland but a visit there is all but impossible for me at the moment.


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            I got very little from the National Archives of Scotland regarding the 11th British Militia c1812 (Angus) - I looked at somepersonal papers but it didn't show names of militia men or much else for that matter. Think it noted some officers names.
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            Researching Irish families: FARMER, McBRIDE McQUADE, McQUAID, KIRK, SANDS/SANAHAN (Cork), BARR,


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              Sorry to hear you were out of luck Jbee. According to their catalogue they hold Berwickshire militia register of declarations for some of the relevant years and account sums paid to wives and families for one year. To be honest I don't think they will tell me anything I haven't found in the muster rolls but you never know. Maybe one day...


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                I'm from Dumfries though now living in Gateshead....have you tried the FHS http://www.dgfhs.org.uk/ for further suggestions?
                Kind regards,
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                  Thanks William.