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A quick Yorkshire question (hopefully).

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    A quick Yorkshire question (hopefully).

    I've just started this Yorkshire lot and it hasn't taken me long to get lost.

    I've tried maps and Genuki and of course Wiki.

    Can someone tell me which FHS I should be looking at for Liversedge and Cleckheaton. From what I can tell they are very close.


    Liversedge 1837-1938 Dewsbury (then Spen Valley until 1974)

    Cleckheaton 1837-1891 Bradford, then until 1938 North Bierley, then Spen Valley until 1974.

    I look here:


      lol You said FHS and I read GRO district!! Well, almost the same! pmsl

      Can't be bothered to delete, you might ask that later!!


        Thanks Merry LOL

        I probably will (ask later, that is)


          Huddersfield and District FHS?




              I would think either Huddersfield or Wakefield.

              (Will's nearly finished.)


                OOOH.....thanks Mary.

                and Merry......couldn't find them in Wakefield although I know that is close as well.

                Huddersfield is the one!!!!!


                  HI harrys mum

                  If I can be of any help just ask as I live inbetween Liversdge Cleckheaton.


                    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendy.

                    I'm might be easier if my scanner would work...but it doesn't want to.

                    I have just downloaded another will and it mentions a place in Yorkshire (well the County of York, is the exact wording) . I can't make out the place but it looks like Coalfield. I can't find it. The main house was called Marsh House at Liversedge. The same family children were baptised at Cleckheaton Independant Church, but in a will, a lot of money was given to The Independant Chapel at Clayton.

                    Do you know if Clayton is near Liversedge or Cleckheaton?

                    Their daughter married in St John's Wakefield in 1815, presumably because they had to marry in a C of E.


                      I don't think there's a place in the area called Coalfield, is there, Wendy? I used to live in Halifax, but I don't know the Cleckheaton/Liversedge area very well.


                        There's no Coalfield on the Genuki list of places in Yorkshire:

                        GENUKI: Yorkshire alphabetical list, letter C

                        but there are 6 possible Claytons.
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                          As Mary has stated there is no source online to show a Clayton in the area near Cleckheaton or Liversedge.

                          I do have a map of the Cleckheaton and Liversedge area but it is too late to show anything significant to help out here as it covers the are of 1905/07

                          Do you have any names to help locate the area that you really want to concentrate on?
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                            Just had a look for Marsh House and found the one your after. I have a snippet of a Map. If your interested in a copy of the image can you send me a PM with your e-addy then I can send it on to you.


                              Calderdale Family History Society?
                              Some of my rellies came from Clayton in/near Bradford
                              CAROLE : "A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK"


                                Calderdale only includes Halifax and district.

                                This is the area covered by the FHS:



                                  I couldn't find any Coalfield either.

                                  Will try to scan it today and post it here. It is tiny writing as well, so may need someone to enlarge it.

                                  Wendy....I've sent you a pm.


                                    HI Harrys mum

                                    Pm recieved and email sent so check you junk box as well as you inbox. The email is titled Marsh House.


                                      Thanks Wendy.....haven't got it yet, but could be a bit slow.

                                      I'll let you know when it comes.


                                        HI Harrys mum

                                        If said email has not arrived by this time tomorrow I will send it from my other mail account.

                                        Here though is what my main email message said minus the images

                                        Now when I looked at the British Newspapers website at Gale - Instant Trial - GDC - Home I entered Marsh House Liversedge and found that a Robert Goldthorpe Esq had lived there at some time in his life he had a daughter Ann who married in 1855 and it gave Marsh House as the address that Robert was at.

                                        Within the email I have sent the image for teh 1851 census

                                        For a bit of History on the area roughly where Marsh House was simply loook up on Google for Rawfolds and Luddites of 1812. The area has now been Built on so no longer exists - sadly.

                                        Now there are other Goldthorpe families living in the area of Syke Fold, Rawfolds and one of them bieng a Christopher Goldthorpe who married a Sarah NAYLOR they married in 1822. Sarah was born about 1795* in Cleckheaton where as Christopher Hartshead.

                                        Not sure if you have a Sarah somewhere in the family of George Naylor - like you say a commonish name back then.

                                        Will wait and see if emial arrives ' eventually'