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Irish Records - searching for bargains

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    Irish Records - searching for bargains

    Quite willing to pay for certificates and documents etc., but also like to get the best bang for my buck, as I'm sure we all do.

    Wrote off a quick note to a link with the Donegal Ancestry site inquiring about what area I would have to look around to find my ancestors on the 1901 and 1911 census. Was planning on ordering the films from the FHC (or wherever) once they became available.

    Got a note back saying she had taken a quick look based on the info I had provided and she could send me a transcript copy of the 1901 and of my GGgrandmother's death (I have no idea when she died) - all for the princely sum of 20 euros each (with exchange - $65 total).

    She never did mention where, save to say they were still around where they got married. That doesn't help - there are so many areas/districts I wouldn't know where to start.

    Plus, for $65 I would like at least a copy of the original documents rather than transcripts.

    Do you think the GRO (or equiv) would have the same/original records for less? I knew the price for Ireland would be more, but am trying to spend my money wisely.

    There are free Donegal records here, including a lot of 1901 census transcripts: Donegal Genealogy Resources

    And here is a map of Donegal parishes: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb....negalMain.html. Click on the parish for a map of townlands.
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      Thanks for those links Sarah. I had been to the first one already but there are so many townlands listed it would be a task to find the family. There have been so many towns that I've come across in my search for this family - Moville, Muff, Iskaheen, Londonderry, Kilderry, Ture, Boggstown, Drumskellan and Quigley's Point are just a few - it is hard to know where to start.

      The reply did say that my Ggrandmother was listed on the 1901 census with her family, so that one I definitely want to get, as by the end of 1910 she has moved to Scotland (only a few more years to find her there in 1911)


        I don't know much about Donegal, but looking around a bit on the sites above, it seems most of the places you mention are close together - in Inishowen. The baptism records for Iskaheen show that the parish is in the Diocese of Derry, and that some of the people who had their children baptised at Iskaheen lived in the townlands of Muff, Movile Upper and Drumskellan.

        Have a look at the townlands in the different parishes using the link above. It shows that Drumskellan, Eskaheen and Ture are townlands in Muff Parish.

        And here's another site listing the townlands in different parishes: Donegal & DĂșn na - Townlands

        Also, Civil Parishes & Townlands of County Donegal | Moville Upper Parish shows that the civil parish of Moville Upper included the Roman Catholic parishes of Iskaheen and Moville Upper

        So hopefully you may find something in the Iskaheen, Movile and Muff records. For example, here are Iskaheen baptisms 1858-1901: Iskaheen, Co Donegal, Baptisms Mc
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          Looking at a map of Inishowen, most of the places you mention are right on the shore of Lough Foyle: inishowen donegal - Google Maps
          (I can't get the link to centre the map properly, so you'll probably have to scroll north to see everything.)

          Quigley's Point, Bogstown and Ture are very close together, and are situated in between Muff and Moville.
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            I notice there are census transcriptions on that first site for Drumskellan, Eskaheen, Muff and Ture.
            And several townlands in Moville Upper and Lower parishes.


              If you can search the Irish GRO indexes (maybe at an LDS center) for the death registration, it looks as though it will cost you 10 Euros to get a copy of the certificate from the Irish GRO - or if you went there to search the register yourself and photocopy it then it is cheaper. The LDS do have some of the actual certificates on microfilm as well, I think so you might be lucky enough to get it that way if her death is in the right time period.

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                Have just spent the last few hours (on and off) surfing the recommended sites. Some I had already been to - the baptism site where I found out that my Ggrandmother was the youngest of 6 (my mother says she NEVER mentioned any of them) and some other map sites. Since I was just zipping through while trying to do other things, I may have missed something that may help, so I will go back again when I can have some uninterupted searching.

                Significant breakthrough though - Quigley's Point is the place that I've been searching for since that's where Nanny said she grew up; have not been able to find any amount of genealogical records mentioning this place though. Came across a mention that on maps and ordinances that it was often called 'Carrowkeel' - that name I do remember seeing, so I will have to revisit sites and look for info under that name.

                Might see if I can get to the FHC before the end of June, as they close for the summer, to search for Nanny's mother's death - have no idea when I am looking for; the lady didn't mention a date in her email. If I wait until I see the 1901 census it would narrow down whether I am looking before or after then.


                  According to Wikipedia, the village of Quigley's Point is indeed also known as Carrowkeel (pronounced Kerrykeel), and now forms part of the Roman Catholic parish of Iskaheen and Upper Moville. The nearest Catholic Church in the parish is at Drung, with the nearest Church of Ireland and Methodist Church at Redcastle, and the nearest Presbyterian Church at Greenbank: Quigley's Point - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                  There are some Drung and Redcastle monumental inscriptions here: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb....onegal/mis.htm

                  Looking at the map of civil parishes: Civil Parishes and Townlands of County Donegal Carrowkeel/Quigley's Point should be in Moville Upper or Muff, and sure enough, it's listed in Moville Upper Civil Parish: Civil Parishes & Townlands of County Donegal | Moville Upper Parish

                  Searching for Carrowkeel and Quigley in the search box at the bottom of this page does bring up quite a few hits: Donegal Genealogy Resources
                  Have you tried entering the surnames you're looking for in the search box?

                  Looks like the site was updated very recently - 26 May, so with a bit of luck the Quigley's Point/Carrowkeel census might be added soon too.
                  And the 1901 and 1911 censuses for the parishes of Moville Upper (which should include Carrowkeel) and Muff are both listed in the LDS family history library catalogue.
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                    You could also keep an eye on this site as it says Donegal records are coming soon: Birth Death Marriage Genealogy Records Ireland - Irish Family History Foundation It's a pay-per-view site charging 5 euros per record (transcription).
                    When it does come online, click on the map to search the individual centre's site. That should allow you to narrow your search by parish.
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                      Sorry for the late reply - have been getting ready to go away for the weekend - just waiting for the kids to get home from school in a few hours.

                      I was quite tired when I found the Carrowkeel connection, so I called it a night. I won't have time now to check anything else until Monday. I really appreciate all the help I've been given and hopefully I will be able to get my hands on some of these records, sooner rather than later.


                        Just a quick question as I am having trouble following your seach. Who are you looking for in the parish of Muff(aka Iskaheen)


                          Hi Tromaty.

                          I am searching for the Devlin family from Quigley's Point - Edward and his wife Ann (Bonar). Their youngest daughter Mary b1875 is my Ggrandmother.



                            If you can just be patient as we are all trying to be, and wait for the FREE access to the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census then the following website will help you possibly sometime later this year but as they do keep putting it back I am not promising anything definite!

                            National Archives: Census of Ireland 1911

                            I would advise you to keep your eyes very wide open on this one!

                            Do remember that the Irish Foundation will charge eaxctly the same as the Heritage Centres, as that is where the information has come from and it is VERY incomplete!!


                              Hi Janet.

                              This thread is from June of last year; I was just answering Tromaty - as of yet I haven't done anything further on this line, either at the FHC or online. Though on the above link, I was able to find OHs family as they were living in Co. Down, and I think I read somewhere that the next counties to be completed are Donegal and Cork, which are the two I need. May still head to the FHC and request the microfilm for 1901 later this year.


                                Sorry Margaret I had not noticed the June 08 posting!



                                  You might like to know that you can order photocopies from Ireland's GRO's.
                                  They are printed on white paper and are the same size as England and Wales certificates...... €6 instead of €10 Headed up for Research Purposes only.

                                  "Photocopies of entries in the registers are also available at a cost of €6.00, (additional copies -€4.00). These contain exactly the same information as a Certificate but are only of use for research purposes"


                                    Thanks Teresa.