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Purves immigration to New York ,USA.

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    Purves immigration to New York ,USA.

    Could anyone help find an immigration for Allan Lorraine Purves b 1833 Berwick, Northumberland ,England . Died 1912 in New York . He married Elizabeth Howe Sutherland b 1832 ,Berwick ,Northumberland, England in June 1857, Berwick, Northumberland ,England . Their first child Barbara was b Dec 1857 in New York . So must have travelled between June and Dec.1857. Looking also for ship Elizabeth and two children Barbara and James b 1859 in New York were on , coming back to stay with her parents in Berwick, census 1861. It appears she had William in Dec 1860 in Berwick. Also her second trip back to USA . A fourth child Jane was b 1864 in New York .Have tried all combinations of names .
    Would really appreciate any help on this one .
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    She is listed as E H Purves arriving in NY on 16/9/1871 on the ship Anglia with Barbara (13) and Jean (7) - this is on Ancestry and on Castle Garden. Can't immediately see anything earlier.
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      Anthony ,
      I did find this one , but it makes it appear she had come back to Britain again, and this was her going home again ,so I wasn`t sure about it.I am pretty sure it was just Allan Lorraine Purves ,and Elizabeth the first time in 1857, without any children, Barbara their first b New York . The names are not that common you would think they would come up somewhere !
      Thanks for taking the time to look .


        Found one

        New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
        Name: Elizh Purvis
        Arrival Date: 2 Oct 1861
        Birth Date: abt 1833
        Age: 28
        Gender: Female
        Ethnicity/ Nationality: Irish
        Place of Origin: Ireland
        Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
        Destination: United States of America
        Port of Arrival: New York, New York
        Ship Name: William Tapscott

        with Barbara James William and Mary Sutherland

        and is this your man?

        New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957
        Name: Allen Purves
        Arrival Date: 27 Mar 1869
        Birth Date: C 1833
        Age: 36
        Gender: Male
        Ethnicity/ Nationality: Scottish (Scotish)
        Place of Origin: Scotland
        Port of Departure: Glasgow, Scotland and Moville, Ireland
        Destination: United States of America
        Port of Arrival: New York, New York
        Ship Name: Europa
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          Elaine ,
          The 1861 census looks as though it is the right one ,slight problem with the nationality (Irish),but on various census forms Elizabeth is listed as Scottish, and English ! The names and ages match exactly.The 1869 census I am still thinking about . Really need to find incoming lists to see if Allan came over on his own , but they are very elusive .
          Many thanks Elaine for your help.