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    Found some burials at Gilroes Cemetery

    Grave I 124
    REIBALDI Juan 65 55 Abbey Street Leicester 13-Mar 1937 Roman Catholic

    Grave I 243
    REIBALDI Anthony 3 Royal Infirmary Leicester 08-Sep 1913

    REIBALDI Nellie 2 55 Abbey Street Leicester 07-Feb 1916

    REIBALDI Beatrice Ellen 13 Royal Infirmary Leicester 04-Jul 1917

    REIBALVI Celesta 9 Childrens Hospital, Mill Hill Lane Leicester 10-Nov 1917

    Much later burial
    I 243 JAYES Joseph 73 City Mental Hospital Leicester 21-Dec 1934
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    Looking for Ward, Moore, Hunt, Warren...and who was Gertrude Wills



      This chap is my wife's great Grandad. He was born in Corsica (bastia if I remember correctly, I have spent many happy times annoying my wife talking about her Napoleonic blood as that was where Napoleon was born/from - plus my wife's sister has contacted some ancient people there who remembered him several decades ago) and he stowed away to come to Britain. Corsica was under the French flag at the time. During world war I he appears to have served in the French army (again reinforcing the French Nationality) as the birth certificate of his son Juan (my wife's grandfather) lists his occupation as an Ice Cream Vendor and 'Private' 74th Infanterie 27 Compagne. Logically a French citizen would serve in the French army.

      I don't know much else but my wife's family have researched in a lot more detail and can climb the tree higher plus will have a lot more information.

      Feel free to contact if you want to get into email contact and I can put you in touch with my mother in law who has been researching her family tree and has garnered a lot of this information. We'd be curious to know what your interest is..


        Hi Matrim, Wow i thought Juan would be a brickwall forever & i would love to know more about him,sounds like he has quite a story to tell,
        his daughter Elizabeth married Leonard Quilter who was my grandfathers brother.
        il send you my email through private message.


          Matrim, Did you get my private message with my email address.