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Opinions required please - which Death ?

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    Death Cert came today !

    I went for the Portsea one in the end.............think we've got the right one as well.

    Died 27th January 1866 - Garrison Hospital
    Richard Fagg - male - aged 36
    Private - 52nd Regiment
    Cause of Death - Phthisis Pulmonalis 40 days (TB of the lungs)
    Informant - Thomas Doody - Garrison Hospital Portsea
    Registered 29th January 1866

    So that fits in pretty good, as his wife gave birth to his son 4 months later, then re-married to a Corporal - Joseph Jackson - in the same 52nd Regiment.

    The only slight 'question mark' I have in this is that the marriage cert from 1864 said that Richard Fagg was a butcher - however his sons Birth cert in May 1866 at Aldershot says his father (Richard Fagg) was in the 52nd Regiment.

    All in all..................right certificate ??? What do you think ?

    Thanks so much for the thoughts so far - all appreciated.



      Do you know when he enlisted?
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      Jacob Sudders born in Prussia c.1775 married Alice Pidgeon in 1800 in Gorelston. Do you know where Jacob was born?


        Originally posted by Pippa Doll View Post
        Do you know when he enlisted?
        No to either Richard Fagg or Joseph Jackson. But I know that there is a Regimental museum for the 52nd.

        Might sound a bit odd - but I'm less interestested in Richard Fagg, as he's not related to me, and I don't want to spend loads of time. Now obviously this raises questions on HOW much time effort and money you spend on looking into aspects of your Direct Ancestors life. In THIS instance, Richard Fagg was married to my GGG Grandmother for less than 2 years.

        If I was looking into army background, I'd be more interested in Joseph Jackson's career, as he got to Corporal - so surely more chance of him being mentioned in Regimental records ?!?

        My feeling is that when Mary Ann Fagg was widowed, she somehow go to know Joseph Jackson (maybe he was a shoulder to cry on ?), and with two young kids and being in her mid-20's, she must have been a 'looker' for him to make the effort and take on another man's children (this is with my family historical Mills and Boon head on !!!).

        Just my thoughts.

        Has anyone ever gone to a Regimental museum ? If so, was it more general history of the Regiment that you came away with............or did you get info on an individual that you wanted ?

        Would they have had individual army service records in the 1860's ?