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Lost in Lancashire - the DEANS - I am stuck!

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    Lost in Lancashire - the DEANS - I am stuck!


    I am wondering if someone could possibly help me to go back a little further back with my -Lancashire Deans - they have been a bit of a pain so far. I list from the ones I have, youngest first ....... these are definites:

    Joseph Cronshaw Dean - b 1900 Haslingden, Lancs - d 1974 Brighton & Hove, E. Sussex (father)
    David Dean - b 1842 Accrington, Lancs - d 1916 Accrington, Lancs
    Joseph Dean - b 1801 Padiham, Lancs - d 1866 Accrington, Lancs

    I have the wives and the marriages and children of the above BUT am stuck now. Next generation back I am not so sure of:

    My possibles are:

    Joseph Dean b 1774 in Padiham who married an Ann Sharples in in Altham in 1789.
    I am not sure that this is correct person but think it maybe is.

    I have Joseph Dean 1774s father as William Dean b 1752 Altham - no idea who William Dean married - I got his name from FSOrg (I have no memberships at the moment)
    His parents appear to be Thomas Dean and Margaret of Altham (no dates for them).

    Can anyone help me please? I should be most grateful as I am beginning to lose the plot with the Deans!

    I couldn't post this (was't allowed) until I had inserted a prefix - the best I could come up with was Record Office - however, none of these will be in a record office I imagine - am sorry to mislead.

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    maybe you could have posted it on general?


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        Hiya - only a possible ??
        Altham is in the parish of Hyndburn which covers Accrington ....this isn`t too far away ??
        marriage 30th August 1750 St Mary,Newchurch in Pendle ,Lancashire
        Thomas Dean to Margaret Howker .....maybe just make a note of this marriage ??
        it`s on
        on this site there is a William Dean - father Thomas baptised 5th May 1751 ....a year before your William ??...could it be your William ?
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          Originally posted by Sue1 View Post
          Joseph Dean - b 1801 Padiham, Lancs - d 1866 Accrington, Lancs
          Sue, how certain are you of Joseph's date and place of birth? Could he have been born either earlier than 1801, or in a different place?

          Records found on Ancestry's Lancs Parish Registers.

          Joseph Dean son of John (Weaver) and Mary, baptised Padiham 20 Apr 1794. (It's possible he died in 1801, no age recorded for death)

          Joseph Deane third son of Matthew (Weaver) and Ann, born 21 Mar 1801, baptised Mitton 12 Apr 1801


            Thanks to both of you for your responses. I am really hoping that Lancashire proves to be the correct place. For some reason I always had in the back of my mind that the Deans were originally from Yorkshire but then I was recently told they were from Lancashire around Accrington or not too far away which it appears may be the case. I did, however, find a Joseph Dean not so long ago, born 1801 in Elland St. Mary Yorkshire and baptised on 5.2.1801. Father John Dean, mother Mary (no surname) - this is what has caused the main confusion and is a recent find. I was never sure that I had the Deans "right" anyway. I didn't put on what I had further back because I was sure it was wrong. What I originally had for Joseph Dean's father and further back was - youngest first:

            William Dean b 1773 Habergham Eaves, Burnley m Ann Sharples b Altham 1757 - 1838 (father of Joseph 1801)
            Benjamin (Cunliffe) Dean (father of william b 1773) baseborn 16.12.1753 Burnley, Lancs - no date of death - mother Peggy Cunliffe - Benjamin married Margaret Simpson b 1752 Burnley lancs in 1772: children Benjamin 1769, Peter 1771, William 1773, Mary 1776, Peggy 1780 - this may or may not be correct i.e. first two children were born before their marriage - if I have the correct marriage.
            Benjamin Dean - no dob but born Ighton Hill Park, Whalley, Lancashire who may have married Peggy Cunliffe b 3.7.1730 (cannot find marriage). Peggy was born in Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Lancs, her father was John Cunliffe (no dob or dod)

            I got most of the above from OPC Lancs (brilliant site) but don't have personal knowledge of Lancs which definitely doesn't help although can be looked up. Since this is my direct paternal line I would love to sort them out - Dean is apparantly a very common name!

            I am not sure what to think about your suggestions because, having posed the question on here, it has struck me that I cannot reasonably prove what you have told me??? I suppose this is a constant problem when anyone researches.

            Sue h - How certain am I of Joseph Deans date and place of birth - could have been Lacs OPC site but his birth may not be listed on that site. Well, I have to be honest and say I got it so long ago that I can't remember where I got it from BUT I got his name and his address from his son David's marriage cert which I have (marriage to Bridget Cartmull) and also from the 1841/51/61 census (I had a membership then) and he was at one time an engraver and thereafter a Power Loom Weaver - can no longer look at the actual census I saved now I am not a member - [note to self to in future print and save under "pictures"!] I am sorry I can't be more specific.

            Grateful to both of you for your help.




              if you have joseph in the census, what did he say was his birthplace?

              and if you can find his baptism on lancsopc from the information on the census, you can search ancestry's lancashire parish records and get the images. they have got the images that lancsopc has transcribed.



                I HAD Joseph in the census BUT I was a member of a research site then - once you cease to become a member you can no longer access the saved census to view it.

                What information I took from the 1841 census was his address and occupation - he lived in Accrington in Bull Inn Yard. He was an engraver age 40.

                1851 Old Accrington - Plick Houses, Old Accrington, Occ: Engraver journeyman
                1861 Old Accrington - 54 Whalley Road, Old Accrington

                Other than the death age 65 in 1866 in Accrington which I got from what I called that far back Lancs free bmd - suspect it was Lancs OPC

                Wow Just went into my Tree to check the number of that 1841 census and have just gained access to the census itself - that is unusual!!!!

                Joseph says, unhelpfully, for place of birth, that he was born in Whalley, Lancs. Blackburn (Higher Division). Reg. district: Haslingden. Sub Reg district: Accrington

                [1841 census: H107, piece 506, Book 6, Civil Parish: Whalley; County: Lancs; Enumeration District:2; Folio: 35, Page 25, Line 21; GSU Roll: 306895]

                Joseph married Margaret Ashworth (usually listed as "Peggy") - (whose dob was 3.10.1802 and she was born Huncoats) in 1822 in Altham - that marriage (I made a note at the time) may have been register office or non-C of E and I got it from FSOrg - not found on Lancs OPC. There were 7 children.

                Unfortunately my G Grandfather, David Dean was not born until 1842 so is not 1841 census but is 8 years old in the 1851 census.

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