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    Any suggestions?

    At the moment I need to do all my research online so I think I shall just have to wait but if anyone has any suggestions with this lot I would appreciate them.

    I am trying to trace the origins of Elizabeth Carr ms Madew who was married at St Pancras in 1832. The witnesses were George and Martha Blan(d)ford. Elizabeth appears only appears on the 1841 and 1851 census, where she is recorded as being born in Middlesex and in Pancras. She died in 1868 and the family are missing from the 1861 (many parts of Pancras are lost).

    I have found Martha and George Blanford's marriage in 1822 at St Andrew by the Wardrobe and Martha was also a Madew. The 1841 shows Martha as being born in Middlesex but the 1851 records her as being born in Warwickshire c1800. The 1861 supports her age but records her place of birth as Pancras.

    The 1841 and 51 show there is a William Madew born in Warwickshire c1800 living in Holborn.

    Pallotts has two other Madew marriages - Sarah in 1817 (at St Anne Soho to John Allen) and Mary in 1808 (at St Mary Marylebone to James Pulham). Although there appears to be a baptism for a son of Sarah's in 1822 at St Anne Soho, I can't find her on the censuses. Mary appears in 1851 as aged 64 and born in Henley, Warwickshire.

    So there may or may not be a connection between all of these but I am left with five individuals -

    1. Mary Madew born c1787 Henley Warwickshire
    2. Sarah Madew born 1790s??
    3. William Madew born c1800 Warwickshire
    4. Martha Madew born c1800 Warwickshire or Pancras
    5. Elizabeth Madew born c1808 Pancras?

    Clearly, I need to access the PRs for Henley and also check the witnesses for
    the marriages of Mary, Sarah and Martha but in the meantime, is there anything else I can do?

    Have you seen this site:
    Maydew Family History

    Maybe of some help.
    Other than that .....? There is a dearth of Madew's (as spelt) on IGI - a few in Warwickshire, but not your ones by the looks of it.


      Henley is in stoke on trent, that is in staffordshire and not warwickshire.


        Thanks Bev - I have seen that site (Madew and Maydew are used equally with this lot - I should have said). The site has Martha and Elizabeth as sisters but no parents; ) The IGI doesn't have Henley so I will have to just wait patiently til I have more time and move onto another line for now.


          Pat, I assume the Henley, Warwickshire on the census was Henley in Arden ?


            But there's a Henley-in-Arden (also known as simply Henley - according to Wikipedia) in Warwickshire. I presume that's the one Asa means.