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Surrey Wills extracts

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    Surrey Wills extracts

    Just had an email to say that

    Surrey Wills Extracts are exclusively available on the Origins Network (to subscribers I think).

    The Origins Network - Genealogy Research online specializing in British & Irish genealogy search

    Researching Irish families: FARMER, McBRIDE McQUADE, McQUAID, KIRK, SANDS/SANAHAN (Cork), BARR,

    Yes, you have to be a subscriber to see them but you can take out a 72-hour sub for just a few pounds and it won't be automatically renewed or anything like that. I was disappointed with them, though - didn't find any of my Surrey ancestors in there. It seemed to me that there was much more for the parts of Surrey which are outside of present-day London than there was for the London part, though of course that may just be due to the particular names I was looking for. I would think it would be very useful if you do find some of your rellies on there, as it is indexed by every name mentioned, i.e. all the legatees, executors and witnesses as well as the testator.

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