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    I have discovered a new (to me ) title "BIBLEWOMAN".

    In a 1911 census record Claudia Agusta Bond (1873 - 1947) is said to be a "BIBLEWOMAN".

    Having no idea what a "BIBLEWOMAN" was, I Googled and found this:

    Has any one found a "BIBLEWOMAN" in there family history or dose any one have more information ????


    By 1867 there were 234 Bible women working in London. They were the first group of paid social workers in Britain.
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    Can't help you there Noel..but just to say I love it when people put up interesting facts like this even if they have nothing to do with my research

    Keep posting



      Thank you for that link Noel. I have a distant and tenuous link to a biblewoman in the 1891 census. (a previous wife of a man who married into my family) I was unsure what this occupation was.
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        Hello Noel

        My GG Grandmother was a Biblewoman. She left Great Casterton, Rutland and moved to London and married a Grenadier Guard in 1850. By the 1861 census he was a Policeman, between the census and the end of September sadly 4 of her children and her husband died. This awful tragedy must have been reason she decided to become a Biblewoman. She came from a good family and was educated but lived in the poor areas of London so an ideal candidate.

        In 1861 she was living in Cock Lane, that whole area of Holborn is classed as poor in Booths Poverty map of 1898-99 and I doubt it was better in 1861.

        In 1871 she was a Biblewoman and living in Red Lion Street which was classed as mixed, some comfortable others poor.

        I found the link you posted but must admit have not followed it up with any other research, you have now spurred me into action again!!
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          I found it to be a very interesting story at the link Ellen Ranyard looks to be lady of hard times as most of our ancestors must have apeared at the time.
          Any family links to Ellen Ranyard out there, what a lady.
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            Just found a new Link to the history of Biblewoman fascinating.


              Perhaps we could have the relevant links added to our site reference library for possible future use?
              (any takers?)

              I have a reference to a biblewoman - I think she was lodging with one of my rellies, but I can't remember who!
              Janet in Yorkshire

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