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Neale family of 8 Rudge Road Coventry

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    Neale family of 8 Rudge Road Coventry

    I need some help with the Neale family of 8 Rudge Road, Coventry

    Joseph Neale initially married Harriet Elizabeth Burwood who died in her 30s in 1878.
    He married Louisa Moore in 1879, unknown date and had the children in brackets.

    The first three were from his first marriage.

    Annie 1871-1908 m Thomas FrederickTidmarsh 1895
    2. Florence Louisa 1873?? poss marriage in 1905 or 1891 as Florence Emily Neale??
    3. Ruth 18/3/1874-4/5/1957 m Charles Fielding Waterton Poynter 17/9/1900 (1876-25/12/1952)
    (Emily 1878 m Edward John Ward26/10/1905)
    5. (Edith 1880-29/8/1884)
    6. (Mary 1882) – Did she marry??
    (William 1883 m Gertrude Frances Camwell 10/4/1909)
    (Joseph 1885-? M Louie Oddy 1914)
    9. (John Ernest 1887-1960 m Margaret Oldfield 1911)
    10. (Hilda Louise 1888) – did she marry??

    Please can you try and locate as many dates as possible for the above, also their burials at London Road Cemetery, Coventry


    Can you tell us which census(es) you've found them in, and what certs you may have purchased, or BMD records you've found?

    Congrats on your first post!
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      Joseph Neale & Louisa Moore appear to marry 3rd qtr 1879 in Lutterworth (freebmd)

      Do you have an approx DOB for Joseph, and where he was born?

      Found him in 1881:

      Don't see him on Familysearch in 1891 - there's a death in Nottingham, third qtr 1889 - could that be him?

      There's a Hilda A Neal, age 74, who died in Chichester in 1962 (dob-> ~1888)
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        Joseph born 1841 Walton Leicestershire. Second wife Louisa born in Gilmorton,. Leicestershire. living at 8 Rudge Road Coventry 1891-1911


          I need help with the dates of birth/baptism for no 2,3, 4-10. I have nly purchased the certificates where a full date is recorded. I do not know if Mary Neale married or if Florence married. Please help me with the death date and burials at London Rd Cemetery Coventry. Hilda I believe married a George Heal in 1918 in Leicestershire.


            Hi JA

            I thought I would look at Florence and try to trace her. She has made it difficult!!
            The only census I can find her on is the 1891 where she is with her family at 29 Yardley Street, Coventry. It states she was born 1873 Leicester.
            I can find no birth reg for a Florence Neale/Neal/Neil/Neill in Leicestershire. Where did you get the second name of Louisa from?

            You have put 2 possible marriages for Florence.

            Pretty sure the 1905 marriage is not your Florence. This Florence Neale married George Henry Bliss and on the 1911 census she is listed as born 1888 in Coventry. There is a birth reg for a Florrie Neale in 1888 Coventry, so maybe that is her?
            The 1891 marriage has Florence Emily Neale marrying Henry Vernuls. In the 1901 census it gives Florence's birth as 1872 and place of birth as Coventry. In the 1911 it has been mistranscribed as Virnuls and she is now Florence M. There is a Florence Emma Neale born 1872 in Coventry so again don't think this is your Florence.

            Cannot find a Florence Louisa Neale born in Leicester in the 1881 census.

            I noticed that both Florence and Ruth are not with the rest of the family in the 1881 census. I have found Ruth with Sarah Littler in Leicester who says Ruth is her niece but have so far not found Florence.

            Sorry have to go now but will come back later.



              Thanks Frazzled, I attach the Neale family censues 1871-1911



                Think I have found a marriage for Mary Neale.

                In 1901 Mary is with Elizabeth Moore who says Mary is her niece. They are in Little London, Gilmorton. Lutterworth, Leicestershire. Elizabeth is a dressmaker and Mary is her assistant. Have checked and there is a family in the 1851 census with Elizabeth b1842 and Louisa b1847 in Gilmorton.

                There is a marriage between Mary Neale and Henry Broughton Angrave in 1905 Lutterworth Q3 7a 19.
                The 1911 census has Henry born 1881 Gilmorton, Mary born 1882 Coventry and daughter Doris born 1907 Leicester. They are living in Leicester.


                  Thanks Frazzelled , please can you email me the 1911 census page. Thanks a lot