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Surname origin help - Antipas MICLO/MICLOS/MICKLOE (Huguenot?)

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    I was a bit suspicous of the gap between Abraham Miclo and Marie Le Doux's first child Marie in 1743 and the next Mary Sarah in 1753, ten years seemed a bit long between first and second child, so I had a deeper dig and uncovered another two children. They were baptised at St Jean's Huguenot Church which was on the Spitalfields/Bethnal Green border, I'd missed them first time around as the name has been transcribed as 'Niclo':

    21 January 1750
    Charle son of Abraham Niclo and Marie le Doux; baptised by Mr P. Vincent, Pastor (Born 7 Jan)
    Godfather. Charle Niclo. Godmother Susanne le Doux.

    10 February 1751
    Jean son of Abraham Niclos and Marie le Doux ; baptised by Mr Jean Manuel, Pastor. (Born 20 Jan)
    Godfather:Jean le Doux. Godmother: Susanne le Doux.

    Charles Niclo/Miclo I'd say is probably the son of Jacob who later died in the French Hospital, Abraham's cousin. Fairly certain Jean & Susanne Le Doux are my 8 x great grandparents Jean Ledoux and Susanne Mallandain (married 1731 Stepney). So again points towards Marie being Jean's younger sister Marie, rather than their cousin Marie Madeliene. In any case we are distant cousins, 9th in the first instance, or 10th in the other, to be all exact about it! I have the Ledouxs back several generations in France to about 1605, so will send that info through to you in email if you'd like it.

    I also had a look at the other family you mention, of Pierre Miclo's wife, your 8x great grandmother Susanne POSTEE.

    This is her and her family at the Threadneedle Street Church:

    Jan 4th 1680
    Margerite daughter of Jean POSTY & Anne GOFFIO, his wife
    Godparents. Nicolas Allard & Marguerite Berten, wife of Charles Bullo.

    Dec 4th 1681

    Jean, Son of Jean POSTY & Anne GOUFILIOU, his wife.
    Godparents. Jean Ramete & Marsce Druen, wife of Nicolas Allart.

    Jan 11th 1685
    Jacob, son of Jean POSTEL & Anne GOFFENS, his wife.
    Godparents. Anthoine Prumau & the wife of Adam Carlier.

    Dec 26th 1686
    Jacques, son of Jean POSTIS & his wife Anne GOFFIONT.
    Godparents. Jean Casset & Janne Courtet.

    April 2nd 1690
    Jeanne, daughter of Jean POSTY & Anne, his wife.
    Godparents Jacob Courtet & Jeanne Seneuet.

    Feb 26 1693
    Suzanne, daughter of Jean POSTE & Anne, his wife.
    Godparents. Dauid Flouven & Suzanne Courtet.

    April 12th 1696
    Isaac, son of Jean PASTY & Anne, his wife.
    Godparents. Jean Hiolle & Marie Francomme.

    Unfortunately there is no indication in the charity records or entrance registers of where the family originate from, but a look at the godparents to their children shows the families that could be traced, namely the Allard(t)s, Courtets, Carliers, were all very recent refugees from Paris, and since Jean and his wife do not appear in any earlier records, an educated guess would place them originally in that area too, as they would quite likely still be moving in the same circles they did in France at that early a date.

    Have not found anything on the Tisshaws yet but will see if I can add anything on what OC has uncovered. Certainly could be a link with Tissier/Weaver. That said I wondered whether pronunciation wise it might not have been a later corruption of Touchard which would have been pronounced along the lines of Too-Shar? I'll look into it anyway fingers crossed can unearth something. What details do you have on Joseph Tisshaw as it is best to work back from the point you have got to with certainty.


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      Hello Catherine

      Updated my Ancestry sub today, and found a few more bits & Pieces:

      Marriage for John & Ann Postee:

      "John Poste, Bachelor, and Anne Goofee, Spinster, both of Stepney Parish, married April 17th 1677 at Holy Trinity Minories, Aldgate, London"

      Also found their burials, John Postee was buried 30 April 1746 at St Dunstan's, Stepney, described as a Weaver of Bethnal Green, Anne Postee was buried 24 Dec 1749 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green.

      The St Dunstan's burial register also records some more info on Antipas Miclo, which suggests he may well have been deliberately Anglicising his name to Nichols, and the French church record with that spelling in 1702 was not just a simple clerical mistake:

      16 March 1696/7 'Abraham, son of Antipast Nicholls of Mile End New Town, Weaver'
      9 Sep 1699 'Susanna daughter of Antipast Nicholas of Spitalfields, Weaver'
      20 Nov 1702 'An infant son of Antepas Nicholls of Spitalfields, Weaver'

      Can't for life of me find a burial for Antipas himself or his wife, but Pierre Miclo was buried 5 Aug 1743 at St Dunstan's, Stepney, and wife Susanne Postee/Miclo 12 July 1759 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green.

      I did also manage to find the missing baptism of Charles Miclo, son of Jacob and Elizabeth, who later died in the French Hospital, it was on Aug 23 1713 at St Mary's, Whitechapel.

      In regard Joseph Tisshaw, the 1861 Census records his age as 63, and place of birth Bethnal Green, so I think the Touchard hunch is correct and he is the youngest son of this couple:

      Matthew Touchar & Susana Bailey married 26 Sep 1779 at Bethnal Green St Matthew

      Isaac Tisshaw
      15 Oct 1780 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
      Susanna Toshaw 6 Sep 1782 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
      John Peter Tutshaw 27 Apr 1785 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
      Sarah Tushaw 8 Jul 1787 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
      John Isaac Tisshaw 28 Jun 1789 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
      Joseph Toushaw 18 Mar 1792 St Matthew, Bethnal Green
      Joseph Toucher 23 Aug 1797 St Matthew, Bethnal Green

      The father was baptised as 'Matthew Toucher' 11 February 1759, also as St Matthew's, Bethnal Green, to Stephen & Susanna Toucher. They were married 1 May 1753 at Saint George's, Mayfair in Westminster, London, as 'Stephen Touchar' and 'Susanne Lemeres'.

      Obviously from this the Huguenot link seems certain, and indeed Stephen was baptised in the Wheeler Street Huguenot chapel in Spitalfields on 24 October 1731 (born 8th of same month) recorded as 'Etienne Touchar' parents 'Mathieu Touchar' & 'Susanna Dede'.

      His parents marriage was at St Dunstan's Stepney 1 November 1725 recorded as "Matthew Foushar, of Spitalfields, Weaver, and Susane Dede of the same, Spinster'

      Their first child together was baptised the following year in November 1726 at St Jean's Huguenot church Spitalfields as 'Mathieu Touchard'. Sadly he died in August of the following year, being buried on the 27th at St Dunstan's as 'Mathew, son of Matthew Foucha, of Bethnal Green, Weaver' .

      Earlier in the same month Matthew had officially joined the main church in Threadneedle Street (2nd August 1727) perhaps to offer prayer in that congregation for his ailing son, and he was recorded as follows:

      Mathieu Fouchier, born at Cognac, 21 years old, joined on the testimony of Monsieur Boullanger'.

      I do not think his wife Susanne Dede was also a fresh refugee, as on their son Mathieu Touchard's 1726 baptism the godparents were recorded as Pierre Dede and Susanne Le Noir. A Susanne Dede was baptised to a Pierre Dede and Marie Le Noir in the May of 1710 at St Jean Huguenot Chapel, Spitalfields. The Dede family appear to originally have hailed from Criquetot L'Esneval, just outside Bolbec, in Normandy and came to England immediately followingthe revocation in the 1680's.


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        Richard, this is all amazing work, thank you ever so much! I'm so grateful for all your Tisshaw help, especially as they're of no relation to you! Have just replied to your email.

        Thanks again!


          Also, that Susana Bailey is compelling... my 3xgreat grandparents Benjamin J Turner and Susan Tisshaw lived next door to the same Bailey family in Bethnal Green for years, and Benjamin was actually boarding with them in 1911 by the time he was 70!



            Catherine, it is now 2016 and I have just "googled" this Tisshaw conversation - the Matthew Touchard and Susan Dede in Richard's email are my direct ancestors. My cousins Bob Hammersley and Olive Young have spent many hours getting our history researched. Bob has a website if you google his name or the family name Touchard it should open for you. I have entered many details in Familysearch and my son's website on


              Hello Therese and welcome to FTF
              Catherine hasn’t been on site for quite a while so may not see your message. Can I suggest that you send her a Private Message. If you click on her name you will see the Message box come up and if she still has the same e-mail address she should get an e-mail telling her about your attempt to contact her.
              Chrissie passed away in January 2020.


                Hi, I'm a descendant of Daniel Mackglew, son of Patrick Mackglew/Mackclough. All descendants' records with this spelling 'Mackglew' are descended from this one Daniel in London (5 May 1761 bound as apprentice in paper trade in London. Stationers' Company apprentice, book/paper/printing trades – a ST/3:3621). James Mackclough/Mickloe is also a son of Patrick, and Abraham Mickloe is a witness to James' wedding, so I am assuming that Abraham may be a brother of Patrick (but there could be another Abraham).
                Could your Abraham Mickloe be the same one? I can't find a record of Patrick's wedding.