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    Originally posted by Mary from Italy View Post
    Do you know roughly when your great-grandmother was born? Where did the information about her being a nobildonna come from? Her children's birth records?
    I've read all your responses, Mary, for which many thanks. Much more than I expected, with lots of indicators as to where I can go to from here. It will take time for me to note them all down, but meantime I ought to answer this one point - what do we know about Rosa?

    Rita Taglè, who is an authority on all things cavesi, produced for me (among other little gems) a list of five Genoinos, at the end of which appears: Genoino Rosa, morta il 13 agouti 1921, a 76 anni, era nata a Napoli; era vedova di Gaetano de Filippis. I suoi genitori erano Michele Genoino e Fortunata Benincasa. The Gaetano de F here was my g-grandfather, and this note indicate a birth year for Rosa as about 1845.

    Elsewhere - and I think that it was in Libro d'Oro della NobiltĂ  Italiana - Rosa is listed as N.D. di Napoli in the correct context.

    Your notes to me make it very clear that I must find all the various Atti (di nascita, matrimonio e morte) next time we go to Cava. But when the family there wants to take up all our time, it's a bit difficult! Now I must spend the rest of the day chasing up the leads from yourself and Lauren S...

    By the way, a comprehensive source of biographical notes on people from Cava de' Tirreni is a poem by Alfonso De Sio, La Divina Commedia Cavaiola, of which I wrote a review on Amazon. The notes are by Arturo Infranzi. There is also another book, Incontri (Attilio Della Porta), which gives about 100 potted biographies of notable Cavesi. A book that I must obtain is actually called Noterelli cavesi, but I have yet to find a copy of it.

    Once again, many thanks for your help, all of which I shall follow up,
    Brian M.


      Lauren, I've just found Annie and Violet on the 1911 census, mis-transcribed in the summary as Mills - as usual. How did you find the passenger lists (I'm new to those, and although I've seen them before, I cannot now find them...)?. Brian.


        Hi Brian

        Glad to have helped :-)

        They are the outgoing passenger lists on Find My Past
        Lauren =)


          Annie and Violet at sea!

          Annie & Violet - 1913.pdf
          Originally posted by LaurenS1990 View Post
          On the outgoing passenger lists in 1939 there is an Annie MILES born 1880 travelling with Violet MILES born 1906 to Canada. Could this be them?
          I've now found them, Lauren. Named as Mills on the Cymric in 1913 heading for Halifax and then Montreal - apparently. Thanks for the original pointer. (Image attached)
          Annie's occupation as Fruiterer is consistent with her occupation on the 1911 census, taken over from her late husband.
          Regards, B.


            Originally posted by brianofcava View Post
            Lauren, I've just found Annie and Violet on the 1911 census, mis-transcribed in the summary as Mills - as usual.
            You missed post #2 on this thread, did you?


              Yes! Very sorry about that. There was such a flurry of unexpected activity that my old brain couldn't cope, I think. I'm very happy to have found Annie and Violet at least aboard the vessel (of which there is a partial history available online, with pics, which is nice). I don't think I've yet found them in Canada, but that cam come later.

              Annie would have been my father's great-aunt, after whose late husband he was named: Alfred Albert. The husband's brother also died just a few months later, both in their twenties, leaving an only son - probably the black sheep of the family - who would become my g-grandfather. Hence my particular interest in this ancestral line that is slightly off to one side.

              Again, many thanks - and maybe in the future I'll read more carefully!