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Coull family in Antigua & Cullen, Banff, Scotland

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    Found mention of Dr T Coull in this account of the life of a slave, Mary Prince. As might be expected in the area of the slave trade and colonial owners/interests, not everything we find will be positive. See page 33/34.

    Here is a better version to read online:
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      My contact in NZ also sent me the full newspaper obit of William Coull born 1831 (one of the 3 brothers who went to NZ) and this extract reveals that Wm stayed with his grandfather, Dr T Coull, in Antigua as well as with his uncle, Col. Coull, in Trinidad:

      'William went to the W. Indies where his grandfather had an estate. This grandfather was at one time a slave owner and from from him, Mr Coull came into possession of the declaration of date August 1834, by which the slaves in British possessions were declared free; this empancipation of 770,000 slaves being procured at a cost of 20 millions voted by the British Parliament.

      Whilst in the W. Indies, Mr Coull was for a time with another relative, an uncle, and this uncle once sent him with a crew of negroes to visit another island. The boat was wrecked, and on the survivors getting to land, the only coin amongst them was a half dollar, which was commandeered for the purpose of buying food at the nearest village.'

      What interesting social history in this unfolding story.
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        In case of use to anyone researching in the future, putting link about book:

        Annals of Banff Pre-Reformation. 1560-1650. 1650-1750. 1750-1891 [Paperback]
        William Cramond (Author)

        Have requested my library to obtain it for me...might have some useful info in it for our Cullen research.

        You can download free: The Annals of Banff pub 1891 - this includes all the early info so might be same as Amazon book:

        Also for free download: Records of the county of Banff, 1660-1760, one hundred years of county government (1922)

        Have to plough through these yet - glad I can download onto my Kindle software on my pc - easier to read than online where pages have to keep uploading as you move page.
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          Think I might have found the birth of our Thomas Coull born about 1796 (a/c to his ?burial record). To recap, he was the father of the three sons who emigrated to New Zealand. His occupation was bookseller and he lived in St Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster, London.

          The NZ descendant I'm in contact with thought Thos might have been born in Edinburgh, where his father, Dr Coull, trained and qualified as a physician, and that Dr Coull might have been married then, although no proof.

          This came up on Family Search IGI - Dalmany, W. Lothian, Scotland is about 8 miles outside Edinburgh:

          Thomas Coull Bap: date not given.
          Birth: 9/10/1797 Birthplace: Dalmeny, W. Lothian, Scotland

          Fa: Coull (no first name) Mo: Helen Marshall

          Indexing Project (Batch): C11665-4 System Origin: Scotland-VR
          Source Film: 1066629 Ref: 2:17ZP34Q

          No marriage coming up for Helen Marshall/Coull on IGI. Cannot find her death/burial on IGI in either surname, in Scotland or London. Cannot find her bap accurately.

          Can anyone else find anything on Helen to perhaps help us confirm this is our man? Nearest we have got so far .

          ADDED: From Monumental Inscriptions websites for Sth Queensferry and Dalmeny, there were Coulls and a lot of Marshalls in the area. Might be a wild goosechase...
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            And here are 2 charming miniatures of Thomas the bookseller and his wife, Emily Caroline, sent to me from N.Z. The scans of photos of the paintings have been restored on our Photo thread:

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              Mods have said okay to put the transcription of Patrick Coull's will/inventory of goods for auction on this thread. Moggie kindly downloaded it from Scotlandspeople website and I have transcribed it. Unfortunately, only the inventory downloaded. The executrix was his eldest daughter, Jean Coull. Alexander Coull (a tailor in Cullen?) also signed the documents in the role of Jean's 'Cautioner'.

              I can supply all the pages about conditions and legalities of the Roup (auction) if anyone wants it. The interesting part is what was for sale and who bought it. Moggie and I have done our best with the transcript. Looks like the date of the Roup was 18/8/1784 and was probably held at Cullen, Banff.

              Articles, Purchaser’s name, Value. All amounts have paid next to them.

              1. A small press with drawers – John ?Skakel – 2s. 1d.

              2. One small ditto – Walter Booth – 2s. 4d.

              3. One ditto – Geo Donaldson – 2s. 1d.

              4. One stand of shelves – Walter Booth – 2s. 2d.

              5. A small press with dish and drawers – Walter Booth – 3s. ?7d.

              6. An old chest – John ?McKinger - 3s. 3 ½ d.

              7. One ditto – Jas Marques – 3s. 2d.

              8. One ditto – Al. Coull – 3s. 9d.

              9. 3 stone bottles – cash – 1s. 6d.

              10. 30 bottles with drugs – Jas Cowie – 2s. 4 ½d.

              11. 14 Pigs with drugs – Andrew Goodbrand – 1s. 6d.

              12. 14 oz white Vitriol & 9 oz blue ditto – Jas ?Pettrie – 2s. 6d.

              13. 6 oz Salt Petre & 4 oz Alloes – Jas Cowie – 2s. 5d.

              14. 1 (and) 2/16 lb: Rosin – Jas Smith – 3d.

              15. White Mustard – H ?Barnet – 2 ¼d.

              16. 13 oz Carway & & oz Aneese Seed – Walter Adam – 4d.

              17. 6 oz Madder & 2 ? H Logwood in a Box – James Booth – 2d.

              18. 2 and 7/16 lb yellow wood and 1 and 12/16 lb ?Arneta in a box – Jas Booth – 1s. 2d.

              19. 16 lb Reed wood in a box – John ?Bud – 1s.

              20. 3 lb Alum – Jas Eddie – 7 ½ d.

              21. 3 Hundr. door and ¾ H: floor nails & 80 Doz tacks – James Cowie – 3 ½d.

              22. 1 and 3/16 lb Asure blue & Blue 1 and 3/16 lb – Jas Booth – 2s. 4d.

              23. 40 Chatechisms & 10 Solomon Proverbs – Jas Eddie – 10d.

              24. 5 and 5/12 Dozen Story Song Books & Ballads – Jas Eddie – 7 ½ d.

              25. 2 ¼ lb coloured Threads – Jas Eddie – 3s. 2d.

              26. 1 and 1/16 lb Hair & 12 oz Worsted – John Hacket – 2s.

              27. 4 Doz’n large Horn Buttons & 17 ditto Small – Geo Jamieson Marques – 1s.1d.

              28. 6 8/12 Doz’n Large Mettle (metal) Buttons & 3 ½ Doz’n sm – Walter Booth – 1s.

              29. 2 parcels Buttons of different kinds – Jas ?Pettrie – 1s. 10d.

              30. 10 oz ?Weigh.g pins & papered kinds – Jas Cowie – 1s. 6d.

              31. 2 ½ Doz’n Thimbles – Jas Eddie – 3 ½d.

              32. 5 pair steel & 3 pair yellow Buckles – Jno Hacket – 10 ½d.

              33. 12 pairs of Buttons & 2 Doz’n Stayhookes – Jno Hacket - ?£2. 0s 8d.

              34. 21 Flesh brushes – James Cowrie - ? 9d.

              35. A cask w’d. pearl ashes Damnifyed – Found & proven to be Thos Barns.

              36. 6 Quires of writing paper – James Smith – 3s. 2 ½d.

              37. 1 ½ lb Lambblack – Rob’t ?Juncan – 2s. 3d. (this is probably Lampblack)

              38. A pair worsted Stockings – Al. Ewan – 4d.

              39. Old Lead – Jas Booth – 2s. 4d.

              40. 4 large weights stone – Geo Jamieson – 3s. 0d.

              41. 2 ? kawlks w. Shells & weights Brass – Mr Grant – 5s. 4d.

              42. 6 oz Waffers in a box – Geo Donaldson – 9 ½d.

              43. A white Iron Pan ? l lb oxecrosian – John Gray – ditto marks not clear if £2. 5s. 6d.
              or 5s. 6d.
              44. 2 Boxes & a Small cask – Isobel Ingram – 3 ½d.

              45. An old Desk & Drawers – George Corvel – 1s. 2d.

              46. A Cheese Press – John Gray – 2s. ? 5d.

              47. An old Chest – Al. Simpson – ditto marks not clear if £2. 2s. 5d. or 2s. 5d.

              48. 2 Boxes – Al. Coull – ditto marks not clear if £2. 2s. 7d. or 2s. 7d.

              49. A Tub and a brewing Cask – Al. Coull - ? 7d.

              50. A Close Bed – Al. Coull – 6s. 6d.

              51. A press – Elisabeth Ingram – 4s. 1d.

              52. 2 Kitchen Tables – Wm Coull – 4s. 5d.

              53. 9 Chairs – Alex’r Coull – 5s. 4 ½d.

              54. A vessel Bench & 6 Stone plates – Al. Coull – 1s. 1d.

              55. 1 plate & 6 ?trunchers Pewter – Al. Coull – 2s. 6d.

              56. A Meall Cask – Al. Coull – 1s. 1d.

              57. 2 ? Potts ?nettlen – Al. Coull – 7s. 2d.

              58. A Brass pan – Al. Coull – 1s. 2d.

              59. 2 water Buckets & a water Cask – Al. Coull – 1s. 11d.

              Total £5. 1s. 9 ½d.

              Signed Geo Jamieson & Jno Gray Clerk.

              From page 2 'George Jamieson in Fordyce Auctioneer, and John Gray in Towie Clerk to the said Roup'. George Jamieson is also described as Judge of the Roup.

              Will put a thread on Research alerting anyone with ancestors in that area - they might have been the purchasers .
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                Liz, I have ancestors from Banffshire, but can't spot anything here.

                I have Charles Richardson born c. 1814 at Aberlour, Banffshire, and his parents were William Richardson (farm servant on Charles' death certificate) and Ann McDonald.
                Research Interests:
                England:Purkis, Stilwell, Quintrell, White (Surrey - Guildford), Jeffcoat, Bond, Alexander, Lamb, Newton (Lincolnshire, Stalybridge, London)
                Scotland:Richardson (Banffshire), Wishart (Kincardineshire), Johnston (Kincardineshire)


                  Elizabeth - it was worth you never know. I certainly learned some new words transcribing this inventory. What is a flesh brush?


                    I have compiled a letter to the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh and will post after Hogmanay .

                    Have given them the Brit Lib entry for Dr Thos Coul's possible thesis and his date of registration with them. They have an archives and I have asked for any personal or work info they hold on him - and if possible for a translation of the title of the 'thesis'.

                    Will e mail again the Caledonian Asylum School if not heard by mid-Jan...


                      In the History of Antigua book (Vol 1) where we have obtained a lot of info about the Coulls, it links Mrs Rachel Lovely, wife of Rev Samuel Lovely to our earliest Scottish Coull, Patrick Coull, giving her maiden name as Coull.

                      In Vol 3, in an appendix correcting errors in Vol 2 p178:

                      'Mrs Rachel Lovely was a Sanderson not a Coull.
                      The Westwood Estate of 250 acres in St Vincent belonged to Parson Cole of Antigua and from a small notebook of mine relating to St Vincent in 1801, had 139 slaves and made 87 hogshead of sugar and 49 puncheons of rum.'

                      I assume that refers to Rev James Coull of Antigua as the Westwood estate passed to Dr Thomas Coull (Moggie has found a document about the Westwood estate being passed to Dr Coull from his father).

                      I had just been trying to search for more info about Rachel Lovely to see if could discover more about Patrick Coull...

                      Added: Strange, the will of Rachel Lovely in the History of Antigua Vol 1, leaves bequests to her grand-nephews, all part of the Coull family and her executor was Rev James Coull. Strange.
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                        Just updating: Heard back from Edinburgh University Archives:

                        Edinburgh University Archives held only limited information about Dr Thomas Coull, with no biographical information:

                        ‘I have found an entry for Thomas Coull in our card index of MD students. The entry records Coull as being from Antigua, and gaining his degree of MD in 1797. His thesis title is given much as you mention, with some slight differences: 'De Luce quae ex chemia medicina accepit'.

                        The 'Disputatio medica inauguralis' part of the title you gave denotes 'first medical dissertation' (or 'disputation' - at this time, a medical student would submit his thesis, in Latin, to two professors and then the rest of the Faculty and would be questioned on it orally). As for the rest of the title, it (very) roughly translates as 'from light is given/we learn the gift of medicine/chemistry' ('chemia' can mean 'chemistry' or 'gift') - however my Latin is by no means perfect! Coull matriculated (officially enrolled at the University) in 1794-95.

                        Thomas Coull also appears in Professor James Gregory's Class Lists in 1795-96 for his 'Practice Class'. (Gregory held the post of Professor in the Practice of Physic in Edinburgh from 1790.) This is as much detail as is given concerning Coull here - we just know that he is recorded as having attended these classes at this time.

                        Unfortunately, records of students from this period are very sparse, so I have been unable to find any further information concerning Coull. Matriculation records did not start recording biographical details about students until much later.

                        As for other students by the name Coull, there is a Francis Coull who matriculated as a medical student in 1779-80; a James Coull who matriculated in Moral Philosophy in 1774 ; a James Coul of Berwick who matriculated in 1847 as an Arts student and a George Coull, who matriculated in 1886-87 (died 10 Jan 1934) and gained a BSc in 1889 and DSc in 1899. However, I do not know if these men are related to Thomas Coull and this would be hard to prove from the records we hold here.’


                          Just added this to the top of the thread:

                          10.01.2021: ADDED - Please see my blogs on the Coulls and Butcher here on FTF for all the information obtained, along with a lot of history too.

                          My Blogs>Liz's Blogs. If I haven't responded to messages in the past, please message me again.