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Can someone please help me.

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    My thing for ancestery ran out
    but if you seach for marion g smith in Chambers county Alabama you should find it on there i think he was 11 in 1910


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      The only one I can see with a name anything like that and age 11 in Chambers on the 1910 is listed as "Marin Smith" with T F Smith 32 Ina Smith 35 Howard Smith 23 and Mary Rodger 76. Nothing like the name you said it gave for his father? (Nocodia) I haven't got a sub for the US stuff on there either so I can only go by what it says if I do a free search. The free search for the 1900 census doesn't seem to tell me who else is in the household, and I can't see any of them except Howard on that one! But I'm not sure if that is the right family anyway? Did you print it out or note down all the details while you had a subscription?

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        As I can't make out his name myself hopefully here is a small snipet

        Here is the 1910 that Chris referrred to Pearson Cross Roads, Chambers Alabama

        N***** T Smith 39 Alabama Occ Farmer Male
        Lou E Smith 29 Alabama Female
        John W Smith 17 Alabama Male
        Mattie P Smith 16 Alabama Female
        Charles E Smith 13 Alabama Male
        Marrion G Smith 7 Alabama Male
        Annie K Smith 9 Alabama Female
        Walter M Smith 5 Alabama Male
        Grady E Smith 5mths Alabama Male

        On it they state that they have been married for 18 years and Lou* has had 9 children and only 7 of those are still alive at time of census.

        1920 They are in East Point, Georgia

        N***** T Smith 48 Widow
        John W Smith 25
        Anna Kate Smith 17
        Walter M Smith 14
        Grady E Smith 10
        ***** Smith

        In the same household
        There is an Italian Gent and his wife who is also down as N***** daughter she goes by the name of Pearl M Smith bn 1898 Alabama. I can't see her at first glance in the 1910 census.

        Thinking about it maybe Mattie P is Pearl M with a few years knocked off by the time of the 1920.

        Cant see Marrion G Smith yet in the 1920 census or even the 1930.
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          So there is noway to find out N***** T Smith dad ?


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            Oh and where it says East point Thats should be West point because i know the place and live 5 min from it


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              Originally posted by Chrissmith1980 View Post
              So there is noway to find out N***** T Smith dad ?

              Is this him on the 1880 US census on Family Search?

              Name Relation Marital Status Race Age Birthplace Occ Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

              Sam SMITH Self M W 40 MD Farmer MD PA
              M. S. SMITH Wife M W 37 SC Keeping House SC SC
              S. E. SMITH Dau S W 12 AL MD SC
              Nicodemas SMITH Son S W 10 AL Assists On Farm MD SC <<<<<<<
              Francis SMITH Dau S W 9 AL MD SC
              J. G. SMITH Son S W 7 AL MD SC
              William E. SMITH Son S W 2 AL MD SC

              Living at Hills, Marengo, Alabama


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                is that someone family tree ? Do they have a contact? eamil?


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                  No, it's from the 1880 US census.


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                    What a brilliant job you lot have done - I dont know how you manage to find all this particularly when its the other side of the atlantic and so few people have the US records. Well done everyone!!