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Oz Gold Rush - Miner's License, Miner's Rights (John SIMPSON)

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    Oz Gold Rush - Miner's License, Miner's Rights (John SIMPSON)

    I am searching for my wife's GGG Grandfather, John Simpson, in Australia. According to the family he went to Ausralia, which state unknown, made a fortune in gold, and settled down to farming in Canada.

    He was born in Armagh, Ulster, Northern Ireland, in 1837. He was in Liverpool, England, with his parents in 1851. About 1852, at about age 15, he migrated to Canada, apparently with his parents. In 1858, at age 20, he married in Canada and settled down to farm.

    I had a question about the "Miner's Licence":

    The first such licence was issued in Victoria on 9/21/1851.
    12,186 were issued in New South Wales (NSW) by 10/31/1851.
    In 1854 gold miners rebelled at Eureka, Victoria, to protest the conditions imposed by the "Miner's Licence".
    In 1855, the government abolished the licence fee and introduced a miner's right fee.

    Are there records of those who obtained the Miner's Licence?

    Are there records of those who paid the miner's right fee?

    I received the following answers to my questions:

    From Sunny Kate -
    Doug, it appears that most miner's rights as they were also known, were issued by local or regional authorities. One of my g-g-grandfathers held a miner's right issued at Yackandandah, one of the Victorian goldfields. I was lucky to come by this information via the local historical society but was never able to follow up it there as they lost many records in a fire.

    If you could pinpoint the area where your ancestor tried his luck it might be possible to trace miner's rights through records held by a family history or historical society.

    From Naomiatt -
    I found info on mining companies…and copies of licence’s etc
    Ballarat Museum have over 200, but I can’t seem to find a database of names…

    Doug again:

    For everyone's information, this particular search effort looks like a piece-meal postal mail effort at this time.

    Thank you ladies!


    Hi - Perhaps it's worth e mailing Ballarat Museum and ask if they have John's name there....they should also know if there are databases around.
    I found some more records, but they are still of mining companies themselves.
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