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Help needed to find Coull family after 1861

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    Help needed to find Coull family after 1861

    ADDED: 10.01.21: Please see My Blogs (Liz's Blog) on the Coulls for all the information found and gathered into one place. Sorry if I have not replied to anyone interested. Please message me again.
    The Coull surname is obviously open to mistranscription - my heart goes out to anyone researching that name! As no one in the 1861 census below can be found in future censuses, I wonder if they emigrated...or perhaps all died. Can't find Eleanor Coull in BMD deaths by general search.

    I have everything earlier on my interest, Eleanor (nee Butcher), and the marriage cert on Ancestry London marriage in 1859 Islington to Wm Coull. Wm's father was Thomas Coull, bookseller, a/c to the marr cert.

    This is as far as I have got:

    1861 Eleanor Coull b1838 St Pancras. Wife.
    Spouse: William b1833 St Martin in the Fields. Printer, employing one man, one boy.
    Brother in law: Thomas Coull b1830 St M in the Flds compositor printer.
    Bro in law: Francis Coull b1835 St M in the Fls compositor printer

    41 Richmond Rd. Civil par: Islington St Mary.
    Ecc par: St Andrew. Sub-reg district: Islington West

    1851 Wm Coull b1832 transcribed as Weston, Middx. Unmarr. Printer compositor.
    Mother/Head: Emily b1810 Surrey…..? Widow. Householder.
    Thomas Coull b1830
    Frank Coull b1835 all sons are printer compositors and born ?Weston, Middx.

    34 Freeling St Civil par: Islington
    Ecc par: All Saints Islington West.

    I know that Weston, Middx is wrongly transcribed but can't read it on the image. Is it London?

    William's Mo? BMD Death: Emily Coull 06/1857 Islington or Emily Jane Coull 06/1860 Islington.

    Have to go and cook my tea now. Back later. Many thanks.
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    looks like she is a widow in 1871 and gone to live with MIL?

    transcribed as COULLS
    They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........

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      D.S. Thanks for having a look but I don't think that is her...the b/place is wrong and all her family and his were around N. London.

      Will have another go...



        what about this one



          thanks Val..I have just saved that one in a Shoebox myself. I wonder more if she could be a relative of the Coulls, having a birthplace of St Martins.

          Have just been trawling the Batch Nos for St Martins and only come across confirmation of the 3 Coull boys in the 1861 census we know about. It does confirm their Mother's name is Emily Caroline. Not come across an Eleanor Coull but maybe the one in your census link married into them.

          BMD Death: ? Emily Coull 06/1857
          Islington - I think this is likely to be the right one for mother. The only other one had wrong middle name.

          Thos & Emily (Caroline) Coull’s children’s baps. On each Pallots entry: Bookseller. All in St Martin In The Fields, Westminster, Middx.

          IGI: Bap: Thomas Coull 17/1/1830
          Pallots Bap: Thos Coull 1830

          Pallots Bap: William Coull 1831

          IGI Bap: James Francis Coull 04/06/1834
          Pallots Bap: James Francis Coull 1834

          I have tried searching for Francis Coull under his bap name of James in census but no go.

          Wonder if they died of some awful contagious disease that got the lot of them by 1871 or whether they it is more they are hiding in the ether with a wrong transcription of their surname.


            I suspect that "Weston" should be "Heston". Does that make sense to you. It's in Middx, N of Hounslow. (As in "Heston Service Area, M4)

            If so, I'll put in a correction.

            Researching: BENNETT (Leics/Birmingham-ish) - incl. Leonard BENNETT in Detroit & Florida ; WARR/WOR, STRATFORD & GARDNER/GARNAR (Oxon); CHRISTMAS, RUSSELL, PAFOOT/PAFFORD (Hants); BIGWOOD, HAYLER/HAILOR (Sussex); LANCASTER (Beds, Berks, Wilts) - plus - COCKS (Spitalfields, Liverpool, Plymouth); RUSE/ROWSE, TREMEER, WADLIN(G)/WADLETON (Devonport, E Cornwall); GOULD (S Devon); CHAPMAN, HALL/HOLE, HORN (N Devon); BARRON, SCANTLEBURY (Mevagissey)...


              Christine - thanks for having a look at that. As in the next census, they give their right birth place (where their baps are) as Martin in the Fields, which is Westminster in the City of London, I don't think Heston would be right. I wondered if it was just saying a scribbled London.

              Update: am saying goodnight now...


                Just had a search on Free BMD for Coulls and found 2 of the Coull brothers from 1861 census in Marriages:

                Jun 1861: Thomas Coull Islington 1b 408 to either: Martha Victoria Roswell or Matilda Ann Vince

                Sep 1864:
                Francis James Coull Islington 1b 405 to either Emily Sarah Collins or Anne Westall.

                There are a number of births and later marriages but no significant deaths...

                In case someone researching this name is led to this thread in the future, here are the births, probably of the family I am researching (not coming up on Ancestry):

                Free BMD Births search 1861-1891 Islington:

                Jun 1861 COULL Eleanor Ann Islington 1b 226
                Mar 1863 COULL Matilda Emily Islington 1b 196
                Jun 1865 Coull Frank Thomas William Islington 1b 215
                Sep 1865 Coull Rosa Edith Islington 1b 254
                Dec 1866 Coull Herbert Islington 1b 281
                Dec 1867 Coull Thomas Charles Islington 1b 209
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                  Originally posted by Liz from Lancs View Post
                  Christine - thanks for having a look at that. As in the next census, they give their right birth place (where their baps are) as Martin in the Fields, which is Westminster in the City of London, I don't think Heston would be right. I wondered if it was just saying a scribbled London.
                  Looking at the image, I think it says Westm. (for Westminster)


                    Thanks Night Owl...that fits better. I will send a correction to Ancestry.


                      there is an Eleanor Anne Coull that marries in dec 1890 st geo hanover sq. 1a/955.. either Harry Wassell Moore or Edwin Watkins.. might be worthwhile looking to see if they appear on census, even if just to eliminate them?
                      They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........

                      .......I find dead people


                        Thanks DS - Can't find her with either surname in 1891 or 1901.
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                          Hello! I am new to the forum and am writing because I have in my home an original oil painting, 18th century most likely, signed W. Coull, showing a pastoral scene in Holland. I am wondering if you or your readers would know if there was a notable artist among the Coulls with the name W. (William??) Coull. I would appreciate any comments on this. Judith


                            Pardon me, I meant to identify this painting as possibly *nineteenth century," although it is still being studied.


                              Hi Judith - just found your post. If I can find their details, I will pass on your message to the New Zealand Coulls...oh and welcome to FTF .


                                Hi Liz, I found your fascinating blog on the Coull family quite by chance. I thought I would contact you because my great grandfather was James Francis Coull (1835-1909), who was the brother of the Thomas Coull who you have traced back to Patrick Coull 1722-1784.
                                As you know the 3 brothers (James Francis, Thomas and William) emigrated to NZ and set up a publishing business called Coull Bros (I think in 1875). James Francis (known as Frank) married my great grandmother Emily Sarah Collins (1836? -1923)
                                i don’t know if you are interested in any more information but just let me know.
                                Sue Gray


                                  Hi Liz,
                                  i have put information about James Francis Coull brother of Thomas Coull on my blog. I am new and would like to contact you about them. Sue Gray


                                    Hi Liz, I am new to this and just put 2 posts on blog about James Francis Coull. I dont know how to find replies to my posts. sue gray


                                      Hi sue, Liz hasn't been on this site for a few weeks so won't have seen this, I have sent her a message to alert her of your interest.


                                        Hi - sorry been out of touch. Will get back to you...