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    Suffolk County BTs

    I found a baptism on the IGI where the 'place' was given as Suffolk County BT.
    I guess this is the Bishop's Transcripts, but is there anyway of finding which parish they may have originated from?

    The info was for Phoebe Spears, baptised in 1815.



    Sorry I tried but... Is Elizabeth related or not at all?
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    Jacob Sudders born in Prussia c.1775 married Alice Pidgeon in 1800 in Gorelston. Do you know where Jacob was born?


      I don't know. I'm putting 2 & 2 together...and getting nothing.

      I'm trying to find info on an Elizabeth Spears who married Allison Grainger in Cockermouth on 31 May 1841. Their first daughter was Mary, after Allison's mother and the 2nd was Phoebe...

      The only other Spears I can find in Cockermouth are Dinah who married Samuel Arrandale in 1853, and died in 1837. She may be the Dinah baptised at Loweswater in 1818 to mother Phebe....

      And Phoebe Spears, who married John Bertenshaw in 1839. She appears to have died in 1850. Can't find her in 1841.

      My Elizabeth's father was John and she was born c1816, mostly in Maryport.

      The Phoebe on the Suffolk Bts parents are John & Phoebe.

      I'm going to send for the certs relating to Dinah & Phoebe to get ages, and hopefully Phoebe's father. I'm just trying to get ahead of myself, I suppose.

      You'd think with names like Dinah Arrendale & Phoebe Bertenshaw (and Allison Grainger) they'd be easy to find!


        Suffolk is quite a way from Cockermouth, so I wouldn't assume the one you found is the right one.
        Have you found her husband in 1841?
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          Suffolk FHS can do a baptism search for a small fee

          SUFFOLK FHS - Groups

          Although not all parishes are covered.


            There are 8 children of John and Phoebe Spears (or Speere, Spear, Speer depending on entry) showing on IGI in Suffolk between 1813 and 1828, 2 are from BTs the others in either Mildenhall or Rickinghall inferior. In 1841 Pheba and John Spear were living in Rickinghall with sons William 20 and Samuel 15. As one of the Mildenhall baptisms was William in 1818 I would guess this is one family which moved from Mildenhall to Rickenhall so these two parishes are likely candidates for the Suffolk Phoebe's birthplace. Their oldest daughter was Elizabeth, baptised Mildenhall in 1813.
            Perhaps Elizabeth and Phoebe went into service together and found their way to Cockermouth - though it is a long way from Suffolk. I think I'd be looking to rule out any evidence of the Suffolk born girls marrying and living in Suffolk before I was happy to accept them as being the same girls who ended up in Cockermouth, especially as there seems to have been a large number of baptisms with this surname taking place in Maryport and other Cumberland parishes at the same time as those in Suffolk.
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              I am trying to rule them out!

              Judith -Thanks for the Suffolk IGI entries. I guess that does rule out that train, but where have you found a 'large number' of baptisms taking place in Maryport & other parts of Cumberland?



                Perhaps I exaggerated with "large" number, as on second look some were marriages not baptisms, but by searching IGI with just Spears and Cumberland as criteria I found several in Maryport and quite a lot more in the rest of Cumberland - enough to make me believe this was a local name anyway.
                Judith passed away in October 2018


                  Theres a John and Phoebe here in 1841.

                  HO107/155/10 = Cockermouth
                  Folio 27, Page 6

                  transcribed on Ancestry as BERGHAUS


                    Thanks Sue, that's definitely John & Phebe Bertenshaw. I was looking for a more obvious mistranscription or alternate spelling.

                    Given the age it looks like Phebe, the mother of Dinah.

                    I'll discount Suffolk now and get Phebe's marriage cert and Dinah's death cert. Hopefully I'll get some pointers from there, especially if Phebe had been married previously.

                    Thanks again