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    Could it be that the creditors simply didn't know he'd died?


      At the moment I'm awaiting replies from Durham County Library and Stockton Reference Library regarding newspaper reports and Coroner's report, if any.

      Mary, I was wondering if that might be the case, though seems odd to me that the Trustee/Accountant dealing with the case wouldn't have known, and therefore change the wording of the newspaper Notice to reflect that the chap is actually deceased rather than " of 3 Oxbridge Lane....".

      I'll wait to see what, if anything, comes back from these searches.

      Thanks again everyone - you are all very helpful.
      Karen x


        I wonder if the fact he was dead really mattered to anyone. They just wanted to seize any assets. But if it did...... then sadly his address/ place of rest was Oxbridge Lane (Cemetery). Did he ever live at No3? Or could this be the address of the Cemetery Lodge/Mortuary?

        Brick wall in Ireland demolished after 25 years! Looking for any more Carrolls of Stradbally Parish, Waterford in particular Thomas Carroll b1861 married Bridget Leavy 1896 in QLD Australia..chipping away!