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Where have I gone wrong?!

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    Where have I gone wrong?!

    Donald Urquhart married GRACE MORISON on 28th July 1797 at Knockbain, Ross and Cromarty.

    They had seven children, including

    DONALD URQUHART (henceforth known as DANIEL) baptised 25 Feb 1805, Kmockbain.

    When Daniel died, his parents were given as Donald Urquhart and Grace Morison.

    Grace (Morison) Urquhart is on 1841, with husband Donald and two daughters, Jane and Simona.

    In 1851, Grace Urquart is a widow pauper,aged 74, living with daughter Simona.

    Jane Urquhart married Farquhar McRae on 10 April 1856, Knockbain.

    In 1858, Grace Urquhart died, aged 82. I have downloaded her death cert and oh, dear.....

    Grace Urquhart, pauper widow aged 82. Parents William GLASS, crofter, and Jean McRae, both deceased. The informant is Farquhar McRae, son in law, illiterate.

    I have looked for a previous marriage for Grace/Grisel GLASS to Morison, but found nothing. There is no other Grace Urquhart living in Knockbain in 1851.

    Question: Who is more likely to be correct about Grace's parentage....her granddaughter Maggie Urquhart, who was informant at her father's death in 1867 (Daniel), or her son in law Farquhar McRae, who might be a relative of her mother's anyway.

    No baptism found for Grace/Grisel Morison, born about 1777, Avoch, Ross.


    oh dear oh dear oh dear.......I canny really help out there as such OC...but i simply HAD!!! to comment on both Urquart and Farquhar, ONE family!!! oh boy!!!!!
    Jilly "keeping the grin gear working" McMad



      I know,and Simona as well, lol!



        Oh Jilly....................I was so hoping you'd be able to help here!!!!!!

        OC......let me finish putting washing on line (first sunny day in three weeks) and I'll look while you sleep.


          the only thing that i can think of, was Grace married to someone before Donald?

          this one - yes I know its submitted - is nowt to do with yours, is it?


          Birth: About 1777 Of, Riccarton, Ayr, Scotland
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            any chance Farquhar Mcrae got confused and gave his own parents names?
            Zoe in London

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              Well, I am just wondering the very same thing. There are an awful lot of Farquhar McRaes, would you believe it. Just off to see if I can pin down an age for him.




                Grace gives YES for born Ross in 1841 and in 1851, she says Avoch, Ross, so probably not the same one.



                  Right, I have identified Farquhar in 1861, born c 1797 at Contin, Ross. No baptism found.

                  BUT - a sub entry for one born at Dornie, and Dornie is where Grace died, I couldn't read it till now!

                  Also with Farquhar and Jean in 1861, is Jean's unmarried sister Isabella Urquhart, so I shall follow her and see if I can get a death cert, and see what maiden name is given for her mother!

                  EDIT - got Isabella's death cert, informant was sister (Jean McRae, nee Urquhart) and she says their parents were Donald Urquhart and Grace Morrison.

                  So, looking more likely that Farquhar was an idiot and when asked "parents names?" he gave his own parents names.

                  Grace's death cert does tell me where she was buried though, so I shall see if there is a MI for her.

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                    Is Farquahar McRae 'Illiterate' as OC says or 'illegitimate' as Sarah says....or both??



                      He is defintely illiterate (made his mark) and probably illegitimate too, silly Farquhar.




                        Well, for Farquar's sake I hope you get to the bottom of this. Makes a change from Fish Fish!
                        ~ with love from Little Nell~
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                          OC.........I have been looking since I put the washing out a few days ago.LOL.

                          You asked in your first post "Who would be more likely to know Grace's parentage"????

                          Do you have some parents that Maggie has mentioned?? OR only the ones dumb Farquar had??

                          I tried to get back through Simona. Her middle names are Janet MacKenzie. Well that's novel for a Scottish lassie!!!LOL Still they do tend toward family names.


                            Harrys mum

                            No, I cannot define Farquahar's parents - there are THOUSANDS of Farquhar McRaes in the district and I can't find anyone with the name of Glass in the registers.

                            I now have two death certs though for Grace's children and both give the same maiden name for Grace. Well, they would, wouldn't they, if that is what they had been told.

                            But I think Farquhar just got it wrong. As he and his wife never had children I'm not inclined to spend any money on him finiding out who his parents were! Well, not yet anyway.

                            (Is your washing not dry yet, then?lol)