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    National Burial Index


    I have just been browsing on findmypast. Does anyone know what sort of info you can get from veiwing an entry in the National Burial Index?

    Then I can decide how many pennies to spend!



    First name
    Last name
    Date of burial
    Age at death
    Place of burial
    Denomination of church
    Period of coverage for that Church
    Number of entries for that Church
    Name of data provider (normally a Family History Society)


      It's an index. It will tell you who was buried and when and which parish. It often - but not always - gives the age. The actual burial register may have extra information such as person's normal address (though this may be just a village name, but is useful if someone isn't buried in their home parish).
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        Some questions

        Am I correct in thinking that the NBI is compiled from contributions by individual FHSs?

        If so, I wonder if they all collected exactly the same information, or are some "richer" than others?

        If that is so, does the NBI include all of the information provided by the contributing Societies, or is it pared down to a set of common fields?

        And if that is also so, will findmypast (FMP) give you the original data as they acquire it from the FFHS?

        Speaking of which, does anyone know whether all of the FHSs which participated in FHOL have agreed to transfer their data to FMP? It's not clear (to me) from the FAQ on this subject.

        Just curious -

        "If we're lucky, one day our names and dates will appear in our descendants' family trees."


          Hi Tim

          I cannot remember for sure, but suspect that NBI would have a comments field, for those awkward bits and pieces. If I remember rightly, the first edition of NBI was gratefully receiving any data from member societies, so I suspect different societies would have had different terms of reference, at least to start with.
          It would be worth looking at FHOL for a couple of different counties, to see whether they show identical fields. As the data is being taken wholesale from FHOL, then I imagine that Findmypast would preserve the same fields as given to them.

          As I understand it, Findmypast is only interested in large lumps of data, like the NBI. There are certainly datasets on FHOL that they have expressed no interest in. I gather that they would like individual FHSs to retranscribe 1851 for them. And I know what my opinion of that is!
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            I have a copy of the NBI but am very disappointed with it in that not once have I located a relly's burial through it. It's very patchy and incomplete. Maybe in another 50 years............
            Cave canem


              How disappointing, Len, yours must be in the counties who are only sparsely covered - I have had wonderful results in Berkshire, Sussex, Somerset and Warwickshire.

              The NBI was compiled by the FHSs and some did not have the volunteers or the motivation.

              I would expect on findmypast, if they are putting up the NBI, only to find the same information, but more updated that vers 2 issued in 2004. Hopefully, the FHSs have had more volunteers to transcribe more in the last four years, and some like those in Hampshire which has NO coverage in v2, will find a way to be included.

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                I was considering investing in NBI so Di - I'm so glad that you said that Hampshire has no coverage - I can keep my hand in my pocket now as one side of the family is almost totally Hampshire based!

                At present: Marshall, Smith, Harding, Whitford, Lane (in and around Winchcomb).


                  Hi Bo

                  Glad to be of help.

                  Though there are some 12,000 Hampshire burials, its nothing compared to the 356,000 from Berkshire.

                  These are the Hampshire towns covered - .....................

                  Christchurch Priory (1682-1837) and Christchurch Congreagational (1788-1795),
                  Combe (1729-1837),
                  Holdenhurst (1679-1837),
                  Mortimer West End (1869-1982),
                  Pokesdown (1814-1977) and
                  Ringwood (Lower Meeting house independent 1820-1837 Upper Meeting house 1815-1837 and Quakers 1609-1804)

                  These parishes appear to be right on the border of the county and were probably included by an FHS transcriber who was doing the local area. I am not sure, but I think part of Mortimer is in Berkshire and part in Hampshire.

                  The worst covered counties are Devon (around 4000 records), Hampshire (12000), Middlesex (15000) Isle of Man (7000) - well maybe the smaller population means less records and the Welsh ones (all have less than 20,000).

                  The best ones are Yorks W Riding (1706,000) Suffolk (836 000) then Somerset, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire, with over 700,000 records.

                  Most cover 1800-1837 some are only that period while others go from the beginning of records, some cover up to 2000.

                  Cambridgeshire is only the same as what's on the cfhs website. There's more detail on the Hurst Berkshire website, for their burials, than in the NBI.

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                    But then Hampshire has issued its own burial index: HGS Publications on CD-ROM
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                    Researching Skillings from Norfolk, Sworn from Salisbury and Adams in Malborough, Devon.


                      Ah well, maybe that's why they did not take part in the NBI. I wonder if they will allow theirs to be included on findmypast ??

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                        As I understand it, the FMP data has come from Family History Online, which is much cheaper, so unless you have a subscription to FMP you're better off buying a few credits on FHOL.

                        This shows the databases and years it includes:

                        – Family History Online