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does it say David?

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    does it say David?

    Can anyone check an 1841 census entry please.

    Its for David Titchmarsh at Royston Union Workhouse.

    HO107; Piece 63; Book: 6;Folio: 5; Page: 6

    Does it actually say David, or could it be something else? I cannot find any other records for a David born 1830 ish

    Thank you
    Vikki -
    Researching Titchmarsh and Tushingham

    Doesn't look like David. Could it be Isaih ?
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      It looks like David to me - the last d in the name is the same as a d-ending on other names on the page.

      But - here is Olde Crone's Most Valuable Searching Tip EVER, you lucky girl, you.

      DAVID and DANIEL are almost indistinguishable in curly wurly handwriting. I have quite a few Daniels in my tree and they are always being mistranscribed as DAVID.

      David is a relatively unusual name in England at the time, far less common than Daniel. (David had both Scottish and Jewish connotations, neither of which were very popular in England).

      So, if you can't find a David, look for a Daniel and vice versa.



        Hi Elaine,

        I did think about Isaiah, There is one on the IGI, Submitted and baptised in 1840, but I cannot find the parents at all and no other records for Isaiah.

        OC - Thank you for imparting such wonderful wisdom upon me, surely I am not worthy of such a gift ;)

        Sadly Daniel doesn't come up anywhere either.

        (I have trawled all the births, marriages and deaths from 1837-1940 and made spreadsheets for all of them and sadly no matches for any of the names :( although knowing my luck they didn't bother to register the deaths)
        Vikki -
        Researching Titchmarsh and Tushingham


          I agree, it LOOKS a bit like Isaiah (or Isaih), but I can't stop looking at these entries.......

          Is Titchmarsh one of those odd names like Featherstonehaugh that's pronounced Fanshaw??? Could it be pronounced Titmous??

          1822 TITMOUS Elizabeth - ----- d. of William & Martha Abington Pts.
          1823 TITMOUS Mary - ----- d. of William & Martha Abington Pts.
          1826 TITMOUS William - ----- s. of William & Martha Abington Pts.
          1829 TITMOUS David - ----- s. of William & Martha Abington Pts.
          1834 TITCHMARSH James 2m ----- s. of William & Martha Abington Pts.

          The dates don't match exactly........

          On the census,

          William 13
          David (??) 11
          James 7


            Oops, forgot to say, those baps are from the online indexes on the Cambs FHS website:

            Cambridgeshire Family History Society - Welcome


              Titchmarsh is one of those names that could be spelt however you liked

              And any other variation you can think of, Where did you find them?
              Vikki -
              Researching Titchmarsh and Tushingham


                It looks as if the parents had died, which would fit with the children being in the workhouse:

                1836 TITMARSH Martha 36 ----- ----- Abington, Pigotts -
                1834 TITMARSH William 41 ----- ----- Abington, Pigotts -
                1822 TITMOUS Elizabeth 2d ----- ----- Abington, Pigotts -

                (burial index from the same site)


                  Ooops, sorry I was posting while you were answering the question.

                  I will have to have a further look.

                  James does give his POB as Abington on all other census - He died in 1883, so it looks promising
                  Vikki -
                  Researching Titchmarsh and Tushingham


                    So this could be William then in 1851

                    William Tilmus age 24 - Stone Mason, Journeyman - Born Abingdon, Cambs

                    HO107; Piece: 1707; Folio: 437; Page: 37
                    Vikki -
                    Researching Titchmarsh and Tushingham


                      And this is probably their marriage

                      30 Jan 1819
                      Groom William Titmous (x) Bachelor / of this parish
                      Bride Martha Randal (x) Spinster / of this parish
                      Witnesses Charles Titmous (x) & Elizabeth Thomson (x)
                      Abington Pigotts, Cams

                      All made their mark (x)

                      (Family history Online)
                      Vikki -
                      Researching Titchmarsh and Tushingham


                        FWIW now Vikki,

                        I'd say yes it does look like David
                        They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........