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Please help me with the 1911...

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    Please help me with the 1911...

    My BROWN family seems to dodge various censuses - and they've probably done it again with the 1911 or perhaps I am going mad...

    Can anyone find James BROWN born 1859 Westminster and his wife Sarah born 1870 Kensington with their younger children, (all born Kensington) Frederick 1899, Edward 1902, Arthur 1905 and Frank 1907. They may have had a William PEACH born 1894 Kensington living with them at the time.

    I have searched in all the ways I know how, including blank surname for which I get a Frank and Edward but no parents or other siblings and I have searched the address I know they were at (unless away for the night!) 28 Hurstway Street, Kensington. The search result gave numbers 1 - 27 inclusive.

    I have asked the 1911 site if it could have been missed in the digitisation process but there is no way of finding that out yet apparantly.

    These ancestors were difficult enough in 1841 when they lived in Paddington for which there is no census. Brick wall after brick wall.

    I am just hoping that someone can find them and prove that I am mad...I would be so happy!


    Welcome to FTF we all know about brick walls and how frustrating they are

    This is them in 1901

    Class RG13, Piece 25, Folio 9, Page 9

    James Brown 41
    Sarah A Brown 30
    Albert G Brown 13
    Fredk R Brown 1
    William E Peach 7

    They are living at 8 Fowell St, Kensington
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      Do you know the second names of any of the children?

      - and welcome to FTF!


        Thank you - I have this family group in all the other censuses.

        Yes I do have second names, full names listed below

        Frederick Robert
        Edward Thomas
        Frank Nelson

        William Edwin PEACH (Sarah's son by her first marriage)

        Parents are James and Sarah Ann

        Thank you



          They don´t seem to help very much, do they!
          I´ve tried all sorts of combinations but cannot see them.


            Elaine, thank you so much for trying
            It is reassuring to know that I am not on my own.
            I suspect I will just have to wait until I can consult the original sheets