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Police Records 1800's

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    Police Records 1800's

    Can anyone tell me where I can see original records for the 1885/92. I have found in 3 Birmingham newspapers in the Aston Police Courts section, reference to my g/grandfather Alfred Skinner who was arrested for leaving his family chargeable to the Aston Union. He was sentenced to 3mths hard labour each time. He was apprehended on 20th Sept by P.C. Harry Wilson, for which the P.C was given a reward of £1. This time he'd absconded from the Tramps Ward without performing his allotted task. Would like to see records of his arrests. I'm a descendant of one 'hardened criminal' :o

    I doubt if the actual reports will still exist - I may be wrong. I think you have probably found most of the useful detail already.

    You could try googling for "Police records, Aston" etc to see if anything still exists.



      Hello ShirleyMay

      You could try contacting the Police History Society at Police History Society

      Joan died in July 2020.


        Police etc:

        Many thanks, will give it a go.



          Will try Google.



            Hi shirleymay

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            We have quite a bit of information on law and police etc... if you click on the link here...

            This is from our own reference section, which we call "The Wiki"

            hope it helps
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              I found the Police Records for one of my rellies at the local records office in the city where he served.
              Might be worth a try!


                I've had info sent to me from the City, and from Surrey Police Museum, and I've also found records relating to my Gx2-g-father's service in the early days of the Hampshire Police in Basingstoke.

                It's included physical descriptions as well as references to other employments.

                I haven't had occasion to try to track down those on the other side of the law (except that said Basingstoke policeman was "allowed to resign" for getting into debt! :o).

                Researching: BENNETT (Leics/Birmingham-ish) - incl. Leonard BENNETT in Detroit & Florida ; WARR/WOR, STRATFORD & GARDNER/GARNAR (Oxon); CHRISTMAS, RUSSELL, PAFOOT/PAFFORD (Hants); BIGWOOD, HAYLER/HAILOR (Sussex); LANCASTER (Beds, Berks, Wilts) - plus - COCKS (Spitalfields, Liverpool, Plymouth); RUSE/ROWSE, TREMEER, WADLIN(G)/WADLETON (Devonport, E Cornwall); GOULD (S Devon); CHAPMAN, HALL/HOLE, HORN (N Devon); BARRON, SCANTLEBURY (Mevagissey)...


                  I think the local newspaper reports would give the most comprehensive information. But you could try the relevant county records office or police force to see whether archived material has survived and if so where it is available.
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                    Thank you all for the useful replies. I'm busy sifting through your suggestions.
                    Police History Society have to date not replied to my e-mail. Police Records Aston didn't have anything.
                    Will plod on, just another hurdle in 25yrs of research.