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John Raymond Arthur Bott born 1884.

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  • John Raymond Arthur Bott born 1884.

    Just had another go at him and struggling.

    Born John Raymond Arthur Bott Sep qtr 1885 West Ham. MMN Dunn
    Baptised. Arthur John Raymond Bott 17 Sep 1885 in Thornaby on Tees, Yorkshire. This is where his family were living.
    Parents are James Bott and Diana Dunn. They are both G/Children of my 3 x G G/parents on different lines. James born Kingswinford Staffs and Diana born Whittington, Kinver Worcestershire. I know all about them but might help you somewhere along the line.

    1891 Censes with Mum in Brixham Devon. She is down as K D Bott 46 a visitor born Whittington
    AJR Bott aged 5 Reading Berkshire'

    1901. Kathleen D Bott Mar 55 Whittington
    Arthur J R Bott aged 15 Yorkshire both in Fareham Surrey

    Kate Diana Bott dies in Eaglescliffe in Durham and leaves a will with her husband as exec and everything to Arthur John Raymond Bott. No address for him. Please note she was born Diana and changed her name somewhere along the line.

    Found him in Leek Staffordshire in 1921 as a Veterinary Surgeon aged 35 11 months born Walthamstow Essex
    Wife Anna aged 27 4months born N Ronaldsay Orkneys.

    Also Army details 1914-18 in the Veterinary Corps. No original on line and looked at NA and not been digitalised. Mentioned in the London Gazette in 1915 as becoming a Lieutenant and later that year says Resigned.

    His father remarried and died in 1930 in Eaglecliffe and leaves a will to his 2nd wife.

    Do you think he was James' son!!! Also where did he go and where did he marry, etc.

    Thanks for reading this and sorry it is so long


    Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham

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    Arthur John Raymond Bott married Anne Mackenzie Macleod in 1914 in the St Giles Registration district, Edinburgh. See Scotlands People.

    What makes you think he might not have been James's son? Seems an odd question to throw in at the end of the post!

    Edited to add there was a daughter born in 1916 in Scotland - Diana Alexander Bott.
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      Thanks Teasie.

      Just had a quick look and there is a William J Bott Sep qtr 1921 in Leek MMN McLeod.

      I've never used Scotlands people.

      In 1891 and 1901 they are not together and she isn't with family. James is in Thornaby on Tees so she is a long way from home in Devon and Surrey and giving birth. Also when the father died there is no mention of Arthur in his will.

      I also haven't found him on 1911 census yet. Could be in Scotland.

      Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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        Just seen the addition. Thanks am now on Scotlands people and found the marriage. The daughter is called after his Mum but not with them in 1921. Will do a bit of sorting out,


        Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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          He may possibly have been in London in 1908 as there is an AJR Bott on the subscription list for St Pancras Almshouses.

          Then on 3 June 1910 the Edinburgh Evening News reports on the examination board of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons held in Edinburgh, saying: "the following students of the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College passed their examinations" . Included in the list is AJR Bott.


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            The University of Edinburgh seems to hold the archives for the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College, including "dated forms containing the students' names, each signed by the relevant student"


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              I have added the 2 children but can't find a death for either of them and had a quick look at the Edinburgh University. Will have another look at that tomorrow when my head is a bit clearer.

              Thank yo so much for your help. Will be back when I have had a bit more of a look around.

              Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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                To answer the question as to whether I think that James was the father, then the answer is probably yes (although we can never know for sure except through DNA).

                There is an article in the Teesside Weekly Herald dated 31 August 1907 about the death of "Mrs James Bott of Albert Road, Eaglescliffe" who was travelling by train with her husband and son from Stockton to Eaglescliffe when she collapsed in her seat and was found to be dead on arrival at Eaglescliffe. She had suffered with heart disease for a number of years.

                Other papers carry the same story.

                I was born in Thornaby and have family in Eaglescliffe


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                  Teasie, I have loads of family from Thornaby. My Grandmas parents were married there and her eldest 2 sister born there.

                  My brother moved up to Stockton on Tees, very cloes by, after Dad passed as his wife is from there and her Mother is still alive and needs looking after. Unfortunately he has dementia so can't ask him for any help.

                  Think I have found Annes death 1951 aged 58 in Uphil, Linlothgowshire West Lothain.

                  I have Kate Dianas death but no certificate and have a copy of her will.

                  Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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                    Small world!

                    Just a little bit more about Arthur's family. The Edinburgh Evening News of 15 August 1945 has the marriage of "Sgt W J BOTT, R.E., only son of the late A J R BOTT, MRCVS, Eaglescliff (sic) County Durham, and Mrs MORTIMER, 9 Brougham Place and adopted son of Mr A. R. MORTIMER, to MABEL DOROTHY only daughter of Mr & Mrs G LEWIS, 5 Montgomery Toad, London."

                    Ann McKenzie BOTT married Andrew Robb MORTIMER in 1931, St Giles Registration District

                    Andrew Robb Mortimer died in 1953, Morningside Registration District, and I think you're right about the 1951 death for Ann as its also indexed as Ann McKenzie Mortimer (this is normal for Scotland).
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                      Arthur's death is registered in 1923 under his 'birth' name of John

                      BOTT, JOHN A RAYMOND aged 37 mmn DUNN
                      Year: 1923 Ref: 685 / 5 / 322
                      Registration District (Scotland) GEORGE SQUARE

                      Diana A Bott is in the 1921 Scottish Census aged 5, but you'd need to buy a few credits to see who she's with.‚Äč

                      Also the Scotsman dated 25 Sept 1935 has the marriage on 21 Sept at Grange Parish Church, Edinburgh between George Robertson (son of Mr & Mrs Peter Robertson) and Diana Alexander, only daughter of the late AJR Bott MRCVS of Eaglescliff (sic) Durham and Mrs Mortimer of 150 Marchmont Road.
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                        Thank you so much Teasie.

                        I would have never found that on my own. Just popped on while I have a cuppa and back out this afternoon. Looks like you have found everything for me. I have never done any research in Scotland.

                        I found a death down south that fitted William John Bott. Will have another look at that. Don't seem to have made a note of it.

                        Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham