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Society of Genealogists - which records are online?

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  • Society of Genealogists - which records are online?

    I have found out that my 4 x great grandfather, George Bessell, became an excise man in London after years as a School Master. He has entry papers from 1826 at the National Archive, which I have ordered (their status is currently "copying in progress" and I am impatiently waiting for them).

    I understand that 32 volumes of Customs and Excise staff registers covering the period 1833-1911 were donated by HM Revenue and Customs to the SoG in 2013 and they include information such as date and place of birth, rank, station, salary and date of admission. I can see that there are 3 records when I search for Bessell under the Occupations > Customs and Excise, but how can I tell if I can download these or whether it is just a listing for the archive that I would have to visit. Is anyone a member and knowledgeable about these records?

    This is a new archive set to me and I'm wondering whether it is worth taking out a month's subscription?

    Any help / advice very gratefully received.
    :D Charney Jo

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    Have you asked them?

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