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Genes Reunited query from 2004 Bainbridge

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  • Genes Reunited query from 2004 Bainbridge

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm out of touch with research. I've Just come across a posting on a site called Genes Reunited (have vague memories of that site). It was made by an Angela Margaret Bainbridge in 2004 asking about her father Kenneth Bainbridge from Penrith. I'm her full cousin and contact with Angela and her Mum was lost years ago. Angela was looking for information about her father or relatives. 20 years is a long time but I would like to help her.

    Is Genes Reunited still on the go? Any suggestions where I go from here.
    Linda - Happy Hunting

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    Linda from Murton
    If you go to https://www.genesreunited.co.uk/ and go to the Messages in the band at the top. In the drop-down box, you will see any messages sent and received but also CONTACTS. If you have sent a message to her before her name should be there. You could send her a message. Not sure but I think even if she is not using the site anymore she will receive an email to let her know she has a message on GR.( assuming she is still using the same email address after all this time.)
    Hope this is of help.

    Edit. You will have to login to GR but if you have forgotten your password you should be given the opportunity to change the password.
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      Belated reply!

      Having found the GR thread you mention, I can see that unfortunately Angela is no longer a member of GR, and cannot be contacted through the site.