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Query on a birth certificate

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  • Query on a birth certificate

    William Henry Chipperfield has his birth registered (indexed) Gravesend Qtr1 1850 ref 5 204, with a date of birth 23.12.1849. However an image of the registration bought from the GRO gives a "When registered" 24.1.1860, Any ideas?
    Chipperfield William H 1849 birth cert.png .
    People: Canton, Wiseman, Colthup, Scrace
    Places: Pembrokeshire, Kent.

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    I would hazard a guess that it is an error on the part of the person making the original entry on the GRO document, writing 60 for 50. It surely wouldn't have been indexed in 1850 if it had been registered in 1860. However I might be wrong!


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      I agree - a mistake by the registrar. As he is on the ​1851 census..... so not a mistake in the birth date.

      Name Henry Chipperfield
      Age 1
      Estimated Birth Year abt 1850
      Relation Son
      Father's Name John Chipperfield
      Mother's Name Elizabeth Chipperfield
      Where born Gravesend, Kent, England
      Civil parish Milton next Gravesend
      Registration district Gravesend
      Sub-registration district Gravesend
      Piece 1608
      Folio 478
      Page number 54​
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        https://cityark.medway.gov.uk/wwwopacx/wwwopac.ashx?command=getcontent&server=files&value =P252B-01-01.pdf

        thats the digitized parish entry for baptism page 67
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          Thanks all. That seems to be the only possible explanation, but amazing to get what was then the current year wrong by 10 years. I don't think this is a copy of an earlier document.
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          People: Canton, Wiseman, Colthup, Scrace
          Places: Pembrokeshire, Kent.


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            It's a badly copied 5 - 5s and 6s can look very similar in that style of handwriting, and entries are indexed by the date of registration, not the birth, so it has to be 50.

            As it is from GRO it isn't an image of the original registration.
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