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Help With WATO Tree to Solve DNA Mystery? Mother's 2nd Cousins Not Matching Correctly

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  • Help With WATO Tree to Solve DNA Mystery? Mother's 2nd Cousins Not Matching Correctly

    When I first got my DNA tested, the matches on my mom's grandma's line seemed a bit off to me. We seemed only to be sharing half of what I expected. At first, I just passed it off as being how I'd inherited. But then I got my mom tested and she only had half as much with her 2nd cousins, also.

    Doing more research, I discovered that cousins from her grandma's siblings shared DNA matches in common from their dad's side but the eldest daughter did not. It's possible that daughter may have been a half-sister from family lore.

    My mom also shares some of the dad's line matches through "Cousins in Common" however when I uploaded the segments to DNAPainter, it showed that none of the 14 cousins share that same segment with my mom.

    If they all come from the same great-grandparents then shouldn't my mom and at least one of those cousins share that same segment? I'm aware of recombination but it seems to me that a match this close means at least one should share it, right?

    Therefore, I attempted using WATO to determine the relationship but I'm unsure just what I should add into the tree. Should I add in the DNA matches from all the siblings or delete from the tree those I know she couldn't have descended from? When I add everyone versus eliminating those I know are not possible matches, I get wildly different answers.

    My questions are these: Is my mom's great-grandma the biological mother or one of her daughters? And is the grandfather not related at all? Lastly, do I need to add DNA matches from every sibling on the WATO tree or just the ones that are possibilities?

    P.S. These are the cm amounts for my mom's supposed 2nd cousins:

    P shares 251 cm

    S shares 263 cm

    J shares 124 cm

    R shares 201 cm

    V shares 119 cm

    D shares 104 cm

    C shares 196 cm

    P shares 200 cm

    G shares 117 cm​
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    I haven't followed this completely but just wanted to jump in and say those matches you listed at the end are spot on for most of the 2nd cousins in my DNA matches.



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      I re-worded the question - hope that helps make it more understandable!


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        Are you a LostCousins member? If not I recommend joining, then read his DNA Master Class.
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