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  • Ann Millns Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for anything that might help with confirmation on info that I have on an Ann Millns, born around 1824.

    My direct line has Abraham Jackson marrying Ann Millns in Rotherham, July 1853. His age was 33 (1820) and hers 29 (1824).

    Both Abraham and Ann's residence was shown as Masbro (small place very close to Rotherham). Ann's father was given as Thomas Milnes, a labourer.

    Later census information lists Ann's place of birth as Carlton, Nottinghamshire (I think probably Carlton in Lindrick). I can find one person of that name, but the baptism is 1822, with father Thomas and mother Hannah.

    Thomas and Hannah were living in Harworth in 1841 and then Tickhill in 1851. Ann was not in their household in 1841 or 1851, leading up to her marriage in 1853.

    I need to try and confirm that Ann did come from those parents / that family. Whilst her father's occupation on the 1851 census is 'Ag Labourer', the birth/baptism record is a couple of year's out.

    It would have helped if Ann would have been with them in 1851.​ In fact, it might help if I could find her at all.

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    One thought for you .................... I had great problems with my gt grandmother because she kept changing her forename ..... sometimes she was Hannah, then Ann or Annie.

    It seems from the one record you have found that her mother was Hannah, that could make sense of her daughter being baptised after her but call Ann.

    Have you looked for Hannah Millns or Milnes?
    My grandmother, on the beach, South Bay, Scarborough, undated photo (poss. 1929 or 1930)

    Researching Cadd, Schofield, Cottrell in Lancashire, Buckinghamshire; Taylor, Park in Westmorland; Hayhurst in Yorkshire, Westmorland, Lancashire; Hughes, Roberts in Wales.


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      Another thought, bear in mind there is a Carlton in North Yorkshire/Durham too.

      It sounds like the family you have is correct. Lots of people's ages are off in censuses, specially if you have proven baptism or birth records.


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        Have been looking. Can see the bap for Ann. There is an Elizabeth with Thomas and Hannah in the 1841. Elizabeth aged 22 +/-5 born in County (Notts). Can't see a bap for that Elizabeth. However can't be sure she is a daughter as 1841 don't record relationships. Not with family in 1851. Sorry not very helpful. Wonder if Ann morphed I to Elizabeth for the 1841

        Can only see one possible for 1851 Anne Mills transcribed Mille, a Cook at a Rectory in Street, Sussex b Carton Notts





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          I have the record for Elizabeth. I believe she was born to Hannah, but Thomas Millns was not her father and her surname is Cottam. There is a birth record that shows Hannah as her mother, with no father listed.
          I also have a marriage record for Thomas Millns and Hannah Cottam.
          That side of the info I'm pretty sure of, as further census records have Elizabeth's offspring living with Thomas & Hannah.

          I'm trying to confirm whether Ann Millns definitely came from Hannah Cottam. If so, and quite disturbingly, my wife is related to me somewhere along the line, as she has Cottams in her tree from the same time period and village.


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            That's good. That explains Elizabeth for me. Was noting late census with Thomas and g/children Oxley but couldn't fit wit Cottam

            The fact that Ann Milln signed Ann Millns as Witness on Elizabeth's m to Oxley, gave father Thoma Milln Labourer on her mc, recorded Carlton as place of birth on Census is very positive of a link

            Confirming Hannah was or not the biological mother would need DNA but others on the Forum better able to help on that subject

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