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  • A little help please

    I am researching my son in laws birth line it started out well but hit a lot more questions. I have the original BC for David Hart who was later adopted he was Born to Doris Harte Nee Stevens and the father was named as Robert Harte, British Army, born in Dublin. Their address given on the BC in England was 84 Farren Rd, Birmingham. This address has helped me link Doris and Robert Hart together as this address is mentioned in some of the documents I have found regarding Robert. I also found Doris on the Electoral roll as living at Farren Rd.
    Now the only marriage I could find between a Robert Hart (Harte) and Doris E Stevens was in Abbassia, Cairo, the marriage was in 1932, she is named as Doris Evelyn Stevens aged 19, and he is Robert Charles William Hart aged 28, notice "E" has been dropped. I have found a lot of information about Robert because of his service, he died in a prisoner of war camp on 12 Dec 1943. Now here is the thing according to David's original BC he was born on 26 April 1946. Does this mean I am following the wrong line as Robert could not be his father and I don't understand why Doris would have been allowed to say Robert was his father when was deceased. I found a picture of his Grave stone and it mentions two children Audrey and Margaret.
    I have managed to find a bit of information about Doris, her parents were Albert and Maud Stevens (Faulkner) Albert Died and her mother remarried Harold Burdett and this ties in with the information Doris gave on the MC.
    I am not sure where to proceed with this? David was kept for 18 months then he was adopted. I have looked to see if Doris remarried and found a marriage for a Doris E Hart to a Reginald Clems in 1948 this could be her but found no further details for Doris or Reginald Clems.

    Can I have some feed back opinions please it would be very much appreciated.

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    No expert here, but my thoughts are she was allowed to add him as father as he was not known to be dead and that would have been what she told registrar? Can you see in any of the records when the death was officially informed?

    I can't see how you would know the real father, only via DNA. Unless she continued to live with him, and then it would only be a guess.
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      Given the dates, and assuming you are happy that you have the right Robert Hart(e) then he obviously can't be the father of the child, and the mother would know that.

      But the registration system largely relies on trust and she would be able to name her (deceased) husband as the father to hide the illegitimate birth. If in England/Wales she would have been committing perjury - I expect there is a similar law in Ireland.
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        It sounds like the right lady, but also sounds like she had a baby as a widow. If the woman said she was married, the registrar would likely believe her, and she could cover up the illegitimate birth. I have a similar example in my tree, the child was b.1889, in victoria. all the records indicate the first husband of the mother is the father. But he died in 1878, and the death cert obviously doesn't list him with the other children. She would later marry her brother in law in 1895, so everyone assumed he may have been the father. In the last year or so, the birth certificate came to light, the mother was claiming to be married to the father. She even registered the birth an hr away from prying eyes. No marriage has come to light.

        Really, DNA is probably the only shot at working out if you have the right lady and then maybe you could find the father. You're lucky we're taling individuals at the start of last century, as there should be DNA matches to either close family or close extended family.


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          Thanks for your opinions I'm sure I have the right couple, but was hoping to find out why she adopted David and give some clarity to the family but it looks like I'm not going to be able to. I cant even find what happened to Doris. I am going to look into her family now and see if they can give me any clues. I don't think I am going to be able to give the family the answers they wanted. I can only assume telling them that she probably adopted David because he was not Roberts child she probably went to Ireland to have the child it just seems strange she kept him for 18 months. May be the family need to get the adoption file it might give them the answers they want.
          Thanks again


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            I've seen a couple of instances where the surname Clemo has been wrongly recorded as Clems, so I'm wondering if this could be Doris Evelyn:

            1977 Electoral Rolls: Sunshine West, Lalor, Victoria, Australia - Doris Eveline Clemo

            Victoria Wills & Probate - Doris Eveline Clemo, Pensioner, Yarraville, died 19 Dec 2001


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              I wonder if they perhaps divorced? The Reginald Clems/Doris E Hart marriage was in Birmingham in 1948, and there was a Reginald CLEMO on the 1939 register in Birmingham, born 1916.

              In 1954 in Birmingham there was a marriage between Reginald CLEMO and Elvira Littna Or Lanyi. It looks like Reginald died in 1989 in South Glamorgan

              ADDED: Intriguingly there is a birth registered in Birmingham in 1955, surname CLEMO mmn Stevens.
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                Ive found Doris Eveline's grave, and it gives a DoB of 15 August 1913, if that helps at all:



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                  Thank you for the Information regarding Doris, I was looking for Clements Clement, I did not think of Clemo thank you that is certainly the right person.