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  • Missing children

    In the 1881 census Robert Francis Sharplin was living in Newington with his 2nd wife Maria nee Cross and 4 Children. The children were
    George C aged 21
    Annie C aged 18 aged 18
    William C aged 16
    Alice C aged 15
    All born Newington,
    I can not find any of these children on freeBMD or GRO.gov
    So I'm guessing these children may not have been born Sharplin's but may have been adopted maybe. I've not found any information about them originally being born CROSS or by Roberts first wife surname GAIN.
    Any help plz TIA

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    Some suggestions on other Ancestry trees that Maria was previously married to John CROW who seems to have died in 1872. Is this where CROSS came from in error?
    Looks like Maria's maiden name was Pryce, so Alice's birth might have been registered Alice Priscilla Crow mmn Pryce Q4 1865, Newington.
    I haven't followed up the other children but that might give you something to work on. They are all on the 1871 census in Newington with their father John Crow and mother Maria.

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      Their marriage shows Maria's married name as Crow and unusually she retains her mn of Pryce
      CROW Maria Pryce St.Saviour 1d 131 Scan available - click to view
      Hollis James Joseph St Saviour Southwark 1d 131 Scan available - click to view
      Sharplin Robert Francis St Saviour 1d 131 Scan available - click to view
      TURNER Alice Ellen St.Saviour 1d 131 Scan available - click to view


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        Try looking for CROW with mms PRYCE.


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          Ok i think ive found them
          Maria Pryce married John Crow 20th June 1858
          Their children were

          ​George Henry Crow mmn Pryce Newington 1859

          Annie Crow mmn blank born Wandsworth 1861

          William Arthur Crow mmn Pryce Newington 1863

          Alice Priscilla Crow mmn Pryce Newington 1865


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            So back in the 1800s would it be natural for the children to take Robert F Sharplins surname or would he need to register their names


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              Formal adoption didn't start until 1920's. Anyone could use any name they liked, as long as it wasn't for fraudulent purposes. Since their mother remarried, they could use either crow or sharplin. Some people stick to one name, others swap between them through their lives.