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    John White 1830-1950 and Emily Stokes 1856-1922 had a son- Edward Frank White (b) 1893 Edington, Wiltshire
    I can find Edward in the 1901/1911 Census's
    He is also named in The Probate of his Aunt Sarah Jane White in 1929 but that's it. I can not find a marriage or death for Edward, any help please, thanks

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    From the free index, in the 1921 census there is an Edward Frank White born c1892 Wiltshire living in Bratton, Wiltshire.

    Also with him is a Gertrude Olive White born c1893 and a William Stanley White born c1917.

    This is William Stanley's birth registration:
    WHITE, WILLIAM STANLEY FRANK mmn FREESTONE GRO Reference: 1917 M Quarter in WESTBURY Volume 05A Page 183

    There is a marriage in Bath, Somerset in 1916 between Frank E White and Gertrude Freestone, so he appears to have been using the name Frank rather than Edward.

    In 1939 Gertrude Olive is a patient at Westbury District Hospital but is shown as married, so Edward Frank must be around somewhere. ‚Äč


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      And there he in in 1939 at 2 Hitchfield Farm, Bratton

      Edward F White 17 Aug 1893, Dairy Farmer

      Also at that address are his now married son, William Stanley Frank White born 15 Jan 1917, and his presumed wife Phyllis born 1911.


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        And finally.... Edward Frank White DoB 17 Aug 1893 died in 1977 in Bath, Avon.


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          Thank you Teasie you've managed to help me loads, it's very much appreciated, I now live in Scotland but use to live in Bratton in the 70s. So more than likely lived near relatives I never knew about, as Bratton, Edington, Tinhead were only tiny villages back then. The free index you used was it freeCen.
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            No, it was the 1921 census on FindmyPast. I don't have a sub to see the full entry but the index is free, and with a bit of playing around you can usually work out who was in the same household.


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              Aaah ok, most of my research is Sub free, my trees on Familysearch, and I use freeCen and free BMD. Plus this forum and the GWF. People are so generous with their time. National Archives and The London Gazette is also great forms of research. Again thank you.