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old messages on ancestry are helpful

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  • old messages on ancestry are helpful

    The past few days ive had some really great luck with my tree.

    1. A gentleman linked to my Irish Lackey/Jackson line has been in contact, he has successfully found my 3rd great grandmother and the kids baptisms. (prior to this i had 4 possible ladies as mum/wife - it wasnt any of them!) We know this is correct lady as her maiden name is the name many of the males have as middle name or like my great grandad as 1st name - Gardiner. I knew my 3g grandfather from marriage cert. I had completely forgotten we had been in contact and sharing info before lockdown. He has found this info and the old messages and contacted me.

    2. A lady had messaged me 11years ago saying i was related to Lady X and so was she. At the time i replied saying sorry i dont have a lady of this name in my tree. Well last year i found said lady X living with my great grandparents, i ordered her birth cert and as this lady had said we are related. I went back through my old messages, found this lady and messaged her. We are now in the process of sharing photos and information.

    also linked to luck this week i bought a lottery ticket and won £20
    **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**