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  • Australian help plz

    One of my ancestors James White born In Gloucestershire in 1835 married his first wife Margaret Ann Chapman in Adelaide Australia, they had five children 1 boy Henry Edward White and 4 daughters. I can't find anything on any of the daughters, can anyone help plz thanks

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    Australia, Birth Index, 1788-1922 on Ancestry

    Parents names: Charles White, Margaret Ann Chapman

    Ellen Alice White 1857 Adelaide
    George Chapman White 1859 Adelaide
    Henry Edward White 1860 Adelaide
    Walter Albert White 1866 Adelaide
    Florence Eliza White 1858 Adelaide
    Mary Emily White 1861 Adelaide
    Charles Alfred White 1863 Adelaide
    Clarissa Augusta White 1864 Adelaide
    Amy Emily White 1865 Adelaide
    Essex - family and local history.


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      You wouldnt know the deaths dates by any chance as the only information I have is that Charles and Margaret had 5 living children so I'm guessing several of the children died very young


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        These are the one's I could find in the year range 1855-1868

        Henry Edward White [as Henry Edward White] d.10 Mar 1861 Norwood, South Australia. Father's name Charles
        Walter Albert White [as Walter Albert White] d.8 Jul 1867 Adelaide, South Australia. Father's name Charles
        Mary Emily White 1861 Adelaide [as Mary Emily White] d.5 Jan 1864 Norwood, South Australia. Father's name Charles
        Charles Alfred White [as Charles] d.12.3.1863 Norwood, South Australia. Father's name Charles
        Amy Emily White [as Amy Emily White ] d.16.3.1866 Kent Town, South Australia. Father's name Charles

        Essex - family and local history.


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          Thanks for your help Keldon it's much appreciated, Having just found a recent link to family in Australia, it's all new and exciting to me. I've found George Chapman White born 1859 , he died 1860 and is buried at West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide South Australia as are several others. I'm have no luck atm finding anything on Florence Eliza White b 1858 , Clarissa Augusta White b 1865 and Walter Albert b 1866. No deaths or marriages. I know Charles Wife died in July 1867 and he remarried Adolphina Miller in 1871. I have information that Charles had a further two children but have found nothing as of yet
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            I've found Clarissa, she was buried as ...
            Charissa Augusta Spooner (nee white) died 1893.
            Her husband was Arthur Murray Spooner. Turns out Arthur was a bent copper. He embezzled money from the police funds. In June 1890 he was sentenced to 3 years hard labour. So he could possibly still be in jail when Clarissa died.

            Just need to find info on Florence now.
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              florence eliza white, 21 (dau of charles) married robert maddick, 24 (son of nicholas) at the res of charles white, adelaide on 9 oct 1879. she died 9 sep 1936, fullarton, adelaide. wife of robert maddick.


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                charles white, w, 35 (son of george), married adolphine miller, s, 18 (dau of adolph) 15 apr 1871, res of david mckerlay, grunthal SA.

                they had 6 children:

                1) charles adolph b.22 mar 1872, adelaide.
                2) emmaline louise b.18 dec 1873, adelaide
                3) george richard henry b.11 sep 1875, adelaide
                4) ethel lillian b.29 oct 1878, kent town, norwood.
                5) harry arthur frederick b.25 nov 1884, kent town, norwood.
                6) richard baxter b.24 apr 1890, kent town, norwood.


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                  Thanks Kylejustin that's a big help 👍


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                    Emmaline Louise Cooper (nee White) b 1873 - d December 1893 married Arthur Herbert Cooper on the 22nd February 1893.

                    Is it possible Emmaline died in childbirth
                    I can't find anything on Harry Arthur Frederick apart from his birth and death 1884-1959

                    ​​​​​Did he marry or could he have served in the Forces
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                      Wee update I've found Harry WW1 records, so now I just need to find out if he married.

                      Still nothing on Emmalines death atm