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1921 Scotland census - available from 30 Nov 2022 at 9am

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  • 1921 Scotland census - available from 30 Nov 2022 at 9am

    Just had this from ScotlandsPeople:

    On the night of 19 June 1921 every household in Scotland was asked to fill in the census. The personal information they shared has been kept confidential for more than 100 years.

    From 9 a.m. on 30 November 2022 the 1921 census will be opened for the first time and made available on the ScotlandsPeople website and ScotlandsPeople Centres.

    These records provide a glimpse of what life was like for people in 1921; where they lived, who they lived with and their occupation. For the first time the census also records where people worked, if children had been orphaned and who was eligible for benefit under the National Insurance Act of 1911.
    HOEY (Fermanagh, other Ulster counties and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) BANNIGAN and FOX (Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland and Portland, Maine, USA) REYNOLDS, McSHEA, PATTERSON and GOAN (Corker and Creevy, Ballyshannon, Donegal, Ireland) DYER (Belfast and Ballymacarrett) SLEVIN and TIMONEY (Fermanagh) BARNETT (Ballagh, Tyrone and Strangford, Down)

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    typical. going away tomorrow morning but no doubt the site will be busy. I think I can wait another day Do we know the charges? Hopefully no more than the other census's or censi


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      I think I’ll have a long lie myself. Will try in the afternoon when there should be some comments in FB groups and blogs about what the pitfalls are. No doubt there will be plenty of them if the mess of the site in general since they upgraded servers a few days ago is anything to go by.

      Useful info here if you have been tearing your hair out over why you are not getting expected results or even no results at all using the updated system.

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        Going to fire up the laptop and discover where maternal Granny was in 1921. Not that that will prove at all which one of two brothers was my true grandfather but it would be quite a surprise if she’s in Glasgow as that would mean that the current no.2 in stakes could move up to being the race favourite. Let’s see…


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          For anybody having issues with their searches, please have a look at this two post by Chris Paton on his blog Scottish Genes ©

          Please also remember that you will not see the same householder page format as the England and Wales version. All that remains are the enumerator’s books so it looks the same as what you got for Scotland’s 1911 census.


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            Bl***y typical of Granny, perverse as usual She’s neither at home with her parents in Ayrshire who worked for the father of the two candidates nor is she in Glasgow employed in the household of candidate no.2.
            This is three and half years before my Mum was born so as I said, it proves nothing but I hoped she would be at one of the two places.
            She’s actually at Strathbogie Farm near Elsrickle, Biggar just under 60 miles away from her parents, her surname is mis-spelled and she is working as a dairymaid to a cousin on her mother’s side. Her parents are still living at the first farm cottage they went to on leaving Dumfriesshire and have not yet moved 5 miles up the road into the neighbouring parish to the farm they lived on when she fell pregnant. The family who owned the farm my great grandparents moved over to is the one to whom I am very strongly connected through my DNA.
            Now I’m off to find my Granny’s eldest sibling as she’s not at home either. All the younger ones are.


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              Found her. She’s at a house in the Cathcart area of Glasgow as servant to two elderly spinster sisters who belong to Portsmouth, Hampshire. I wonder how she found that job?


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                Originally posted by gloryer View Post
                typical. going away tomorrow morning but no doubt the site will be busy. I think I can wait another day Do we know the charges? Hopefully no more than the other census's or censi
                The charge is the usual 6 credits.


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                  Now that is very interesting indeed, I opened the one for my 2x Great Grandmother. My Great Gran wasn't born until 1922 so I knew she wouldn't be on it but her siblings would be. The most curious thing is that they've been transcribed as Mary's siblings rather than children. Mary had 4 children born out of wedlock so could that be the case? Stigma etc?

                  Her own daughter ended up the same thing with her oldest 2. Edward(Deceased) was brought up by her sister Sarah whereas her other son, my Grandad was brought up by her brother until he found out the truth at 15. Could it be the same thing, stigma of a Mining family? The house they lived in belonged to the Mines etc.
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                  Lennon. Phillips. Thomas. Peacock. Tubridy. Burton.

                  I am the girl from that town & I'm darn proud of it.


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                    In my own late Mum’s case it was partly stigma but more because her birth mother didn’t want her so she was brought up by her grandparents as theirs and it was they who had her baptised. Mum knew from about age of 4 that there was something “wrong” with her. Her mother got married when Mum was only seven and went to live in Glasgow. Her husband thought Mum was the bee’s knees but still her mother didn’t take her to start a new life where nobody needed to know a thing. On Mum’s 21st birthday she was given a gold watch with her initials beautifully carved into the back and her birth certificate. Still nobody discussed it with her. She had to read for herself to find out what she’d long suspected. Even I never knew about her birth circumstances till my aunt / Granny died in the early 1990’s! Sadly the two could never get on and it was very awkward for Mum with me growing up she was by far and away my favourite Auntie.
                    Stigma over illegitimate children never was such a world stopping issue in both sides of my mother’s grandparents’ families. Just two examples are; Grampa’s own sister had two illegitimate sons over a decade apart and kept both of them. One of his nieces had many, some kept within the family, a couple died in infancy and two adopted out who found each other by happy accident as grown men at a cattle sale!
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