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Was he really buried twice?

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  • Was he really buried twice?

    I have been looking back through some very old research and have found that I have recorded 2 separate dates of death and 2 separate burials about 9 moths apart for my 5 x Ggrandfather William Parnham and I'm thinking I must have been looking at two different people and I now really don't know what the "correct" facts are

    I wonder if the good folks on here would mind having a look to see what conclusions they come to. I'll start with what I know from my 4 x GGrandfather and try not to muddy the waters too much

    On the 1851 census my 4 x Ggrandfather Benjamin Parnham gives his date of birth as 1822 and his place of birth as Lambley, Nottinghamshire living with spouse Ann and various children in Lambley. I have his marriage certificate from 1847 to Ann Dixon at which time he was living in Lambley and his father is given as William Parnham, Farmer. Ann died in Lambley in 1854 and Benjamin re-married at least twice

    So from the first marriage certificate I believe Benjamin's father to be William Parnham.

    The most likely baptism I have found for Benjamin is for a Benjamin Parnum(sic) on 13 Jan 1822 in Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire with father William Parnum and Mother Martha. Lambley to Cotgrave is around 6 miles as the crow flies so it is a possiblity
    T​here is a burial of a Martha Parnum or Parnam on 19 Jun 1825 in Cotgrave who I think would be the mother? I think William married another Martha (Martha Morley) on 16 Jan 1826. In 1841 this family transcribed as Parnham has 5 chidlren living with them in Lambley ( but not Benjamin - in fact I don't know where he is)

    Would someone please do me a favour and trace William forward to see what conclusion they come to about his death and burial?

    Thank you

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    I have had a quick look. and have found William Parnham bap 10/11/1799 in Lambley, father Benjamin and mother Mary, married Martha Whitehead, b.1799 on 24/12/1820 in Newark. Martha was buried on 19/6/1825, together with infant Ann.William remarried to Martha Peet on 16/1/1826 in Cotgrave. He seems to be in Lambley throughout the censuses until 1871. There is then a burial for William Parnham (Ancestry has it mistranscribed as Pamham) age 73 on 26/9/1873.

    Does any of this match with what you have - I will have a closer look anyway.
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      Thanks Linda
      Yes it does . I had him married to Martha Whitehead and her burial in 1825. I'd then got him remarried to Martha Morley .. but Peet makes more sense as there was an 18 yo Jane Peet with them on one of the census. So it looks like I missed an earlier marriage for Martha too.

      That burial was also one of the two burials I had noted for William

      Thank you for looking . The harder I looked the more confused I was getting



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        I do like to see a good old puzzle being solved.