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Week 33: My ancestor was a Butcher

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  • Week 33: My ancestor was a Butcher

    Week 33: Butcher

    This is an opportunity to showcase a butcher from your family tree, you might want to offer a short biography and speak about their work eg
    Birth location/date
    Family background
    Where you've found them on the census
    Their workplace/employer
    Any tips on researching this occupation?

    [Next week: Farmer]

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    My 3 x G Grandmothers brother Spencer Baldry was a butcher.

    He was born in 1831 in Wilby in Suffolk, all the rest of his siblings were born in Lincoln but his parents were originally from Wilby so probably visiting relatives. He married in 1854 to Mary Ann Brown in Leicester. My notes say he opened a slaughter house in Leicester in 1859.He died in 1877 on Butcher St Lincoln and buried in Camwick Road Cemetery.

    Also my Grandfathers brother Albert Lowe was a butcher in Nottingham. He was born in 1902 and Married Hetty Salmon in 1932. His shop was on Mansfield Road near the Goose Fair Ground for anyone that knows Nottingham. He died in 1979 Nottingham.

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      My husband has some butchers in his tree, Robert Roots of Fletching (1676-1754) his 6x great grandfather was a butcher in Mayfield, Sussex at the time of his mother's death as this trade and village are mentioned in her will of 1720 when she left him £5.

      Another ancestor, Robert Jenner (1767-1842) his 4x great grandfather farmed in Horsted Keynes in Sussex but also had a copyhold slaughterhouse and premises in Air Street, Brighton and a shop in Western Road, where his second son, also called Robert worked as a butcher. Air Street is still there near the clock tower but at the time the Jenners had it it was a filthy narrow street with several slaughterhouses, dung and an open cesspit.

      In those days the stock would have been driven to Brighton (about 17 miles). Robert senior left the shop and slaughterhouse to Robert junior in his will of 1842, another son, John continued farming and would have supplied his brother with cattle or sheep, though John died in 1851 Robert was still working as a butcher in 1861. He died in 1863 aged 67, his widow was granted administration of his estate, which amounted to £20.


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        Maybe sort of the same thing?!?!?! I have a Castrator, don't know anything about him though, apart from the obvious!
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          I have a butcher in my tree - John Plant b 1820 Brothertoft d1899 Islington.

          Even though I have a full set of census for this chap (3 x grandfather) I really don't 'know him'.

          His father Peter was also a Butcher, and I have found several newspaper articles relating to them, but nothing of any substance.

          In 1863 there are notices in the paper about him being bankrupt and selling off possessions. He appears with his first wife Susannah Stow, I assume her death was in 1861 (not got cert). In the 1861 census he is with his wife and Dinah Skinner 20 years his junior, and by 1871 he has moved to London married Dinah and is a painter, butchery very much in his past.

          I do keep looking at this chap from time to time to see if I can find any more records that will just tell me something more. I do feel that father Peter was doing OK in his trade, but maybe didn't help his son! Perhaps there was a problem with Dinah.
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            Another butcher

            Nicholas Edwards baptised 14 September 1688 at St Peters Cretingham Suffolk. He was my 8 x G G Father. He married Ann but haven't found their marriage and had 5 children.
            He had a few apprentices while he was a butcher.
            Buried 11 Dec 1763 at St Marys Debenham

            Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham