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Week 20: My ancestor was a clergyman

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  • Week 20: My ancestor was a clergyman

    Week 20: Clergyman

    This is an opportunity to showcase a clergyman from your family tree, you might want to offer a short biography and speak about their work eg
    Birth location/date
    Family background
    Where you've found them on the census
    Their parishes
    Any tips on researching this occupation?

    [Next week: Weaver]

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    George Orton, vicar of Preston in Sussex and Rector of Slaugham in Sussex and was my husband's 7x great grandfather.

    George was baptised in Malpas, Cheshire on 18th May 1664, son of Urien Overton (or Orton) of Oldcastle, got his BA at Brasenose, Oxford in 1691 and was ordained at St Martin in the Fields on 12 Feb 1693 and became vicar of Preston, Sussex.

    His wife was Mary, I don't know where they married but their first son, James was baptised at St Michael, Oxford on 5th Oct 1694 while the further five were baptised at Preston, Sussex between 1698 and 1707. James got his BA at Merton College and was his father's curate at Preston but died aged 24 and was buried there on 2 Oct 1718.

    George Orton held a variety of benefices some of which overlapped, in addition to Preston he was also vicar of All Saints, Hove 1695-1733, Rector of Ashington 1705-1710 and finally became Rector of Slaugham on 3 Feb 1710 at the age of 46.

    His wife Mary died in 1725 and was buried at Slaugham, as was their youngest son John who died earlier that year aged 16. Two other children, Henry and Mary are not mentioned in his will of 1743 so I conclude they had died. His daughter Sarah was left the contents of his house at Slaugham in the will, but died unmarried aged 41 so her share went to her only surviving sibling George junior (who was curate to his father at Slaugham for a while).

    George Orton was buried at Preston on 10 Apr 1749 at Preston, though the Clergy Database gives his death as 8 May 1749. His original will is here His executor, Ralph Clutton vicar of Horsted Keynes was also born in Cheshire and his mother was an Overton which is another variation of the surname Orton, so they may have been related.

    Whatever was left to the only son did not last long, George junior died in 1759 and two of his seven children were educated by the Poor Orphans of the Clergy charity.

    We have visited both Preston and Slaugham churches, there is no trace of the family at Preston, the church was gutted by fire in 1906, there are old graves but no Orton gravestones. Slaugham has a list of Rectors on which George is listed, again many ancient gravestones but none for an Orton. It may be that they had wooden ones as this part of Sussex often had a wooden post either end of the grave with a board between with the name on, I have seen restored examples and occasionally that style made in stone.

    The Clergy Database has been very useful for this research.


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      Lecturn at C W.JPG
      John Glen Bayles the Grandson on my 5 x GGP George Bayles and Sarah Wroots.

      He was baptised on 7 Jan 1846 at St Martins Lincoln to Slater Bayles and Elizabeth Glenn. In 1851 he was with his Aunt and Uncle at Rearsby Hall as Nephew.

      He was at St Albans Hall Oxford and in 1870 presented St Peter and St Paul Church Cherry Willington with an Eagle Lecturn and an Organ. Photo is of the lecturn at Cherry Willington. Not sure if it is the one he donated though. Couldn't see an eagle on it.

      He was curate at St Saviours Church Nottingham 1872-4 and All Saints Hoby Leicestershire in 874 -6.

      He married at St Saviours on 11 Mar 1875 to Anges Fielding Blackburn at St Saviours Nottingham. They had 6 Children.

      He then became rector of St Mary and All Saints Hawkesworth Notts from 1879 until his death on 11 Dec 1906. He was buried there. He left a will.
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        Jill, just seen what next week is. You said you had a lot of weavers. You will be busy.

        Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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          Originally posted by Lin Fisher View Post
          Jill, just seen what next week is. You said you had a lot of weavers. You will be busy.
          I won't be posting them all at once!


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            Just found another one. A bit distant but still on my tree.

            Aubrey Lockington Moore was born 30 Mar 1848 Camberwell to Daniel and Fanny. Daniel was also a Clergyman.

            Educated at St Pauls School and Exeter College Oxford, He married Catherine Maria Hurt Sep qtr 1876 at Newark Notts.

            They moved to Oxford and he died there on 18 Feb 1890. He left a will.

            My Grandma was a Hurt and they were distant cousins

            Searching Lowe, Everitt, Hurt and Dunns in Nottingham


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              My 2nd cousin x1 removed Jessie Killik married Philip Melanchthon Mulholland in 1903 in Lewisham.
              I looked up this very unusual name thinking it was maybe a family name and noticed that there was a Philip Melanchthon who was a German Lutheran reformer, a collaborator with Martin Luther and the first systematic theologian of the Protestant Reformation.
              Philip was a curate of Christ Church, Somers Town 1891-3 and Holy Trinity, Eltham, Kent from 1893. He was Curate in Charge of All Saints, Windsor by 1911 and, according to Kelly's Directory in 1915 he was at St Mary, Stapleford, Wiltshire.
              "The living is a vicarage, net year value £184, with residence and 1½ ac of glebe, in the gift of the Dean and Canons of Windsor, and held since 1913 by the Rev Philip Melanchthon Mulholland MA of University College, Durham, who is also vicar of Berwick St James."
              Philip remained at Stapleford until his death at the Crane Street Nursing Home on 5th March 1945.

              Philip's father was William Mulholland, a boot and shoemaker born in Ireland in 1820 but from 1861 until he died in 1891 he is listed on censuses as a London City Missionary.

              On the 16th of May 1835, David Nasmith set up the first London City Mission in Hoxton. The Mission still exists today and its aim then, as now, was to “go to the people of London, especially the poor, to bring them to an acquaintance with Jesus Christ as Saviour, and to do them good by every means in their power.” They also opened the first "Ragged Schools".

              William had eight sons and four daughters after his marriage to Mary Waters in 1846. It would appear that William was an extremely impassioned protestant as he named not only Philip Melanchthon Mulholland after famous protestants but several others of his children :

              Thomas Cromwell Muholland was born in 1848, after Thomas Cromwell - one of the strongest and most powerful proponents of the English Reformation?
              Richard Martin LutherMulholland was born in 1854, after Martin Luther - a German priest, theologian, author and hymn writer? A former Augustinian friar and best known as the seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation and as the namesake of Lutheranism.
              Robert Ridley Mulholland was born in 1850 after Nicholas Ridley who was burned at the stake as one of the Oxford Martyrs during the Marian Persecutions for his teachings and his support of Lady Jane Grey?
              Joseph Wickliffe Mulholland was born in 1858 after John Wycliffe (also spelt Wyclif, Wickliffe) an English scholastic philosopher, theologian, biblical translator, reformer, Catholic priest, and a seminary professor at the University of Oxford? He became an influential dissident within the Roman Catholic priesthood during the 14th century and is considered an important predecessor to Protestantism.
              Peter Latimer Mulholland b1860 after Hugh Latimer (c. 1487 – 16 October 1555) who was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge and Bishop of Worcester during the Reformation? He later became Church of England chaplain to King Edward VI. In 1555 under the Catholic Queen Mary he was burned at the stake, becoming one of the three Oxford Martyrs of Anglicanism.

              Edith Mary Mulholland born in 1890, daughter of Thomas Cromwell Mulholland, became a teacher and spent the years between 1921 and 1935 as a missionary in Foochow (Fúzhōu) the capital of Fujian Province in Southern China.

              Edith teaching cert.jpg Edith 1921.jpg

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                Edward Augustus Hillyard was born 30 Mar 1834 at Kings Lynn, Norfolk, the son of a surgeon and married Adela Wilks on 15th Dec 1859 at St Stephen, Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith. Adela was the daughter of Rosa Killik, my 3rd Great Grandmother and Edwin Duncan Wilks.

                Edward gained an MA at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge and was ordained at Norwich in 1857. He was a Curate of St Lawrence, Norwich and Chaplain of the Union from 1861 to 1876. Edward appears to be at odds with the way the Church of England was moving away from the Anglo-Catholic order of service - as were many of his congregation including the Sisters of the Anglican Convent of St. Laurence. (See his death notice in 1897 below for an explanation of this).
                By 1876 his booklet "A Lent and a Retreat," - notes of 12 Lent lectures and 11 parochial retreat meditations was published.

                In 1876 Edward moved to take up the post of Vicar of Christ Church, Belper. The living was in the gift of the Strutt family.
                Within a year the Sisters of St Lawrence headed by Mother Ellen also moved to Belper. Together with the St. Laurence nuns, the church under Hillyard decided to plant a second church at Lane End in 1879 - St Faiths.
                "Christ Church had been founded in 1850 as Belper’s second parish church, at a time when Belper was growing rapidly due to the textile revolution. It had a different character to St. Peter’s Church, Belper (opened 1824), as it was influenced by the Oxford or Anglo-Catholic movement and this affected the design of the church and the form of the services, with an emphasis on liturgy, symbolism, incense and vestments."

                Edward and Adela had no children from their marriage. Adela died in 1887 age 45 and Edward age 57 was listed as a widower and Clerk in Holy Order (vicar) in the 1891 census together with a servant-housekeeper - Mary Ann Wyles age 28. The two married later that year and in 1893 they had a son, Edward Percy Hillyard who emigrated to Kimberley, N Cape, South Africa and became a teacher.

                Edward Augustus died in 1897 and is buried at Belper Cemetery. There is a Memorial Window and Tablet in Christ Church, Belper dedicated to Edward Augusta and another to Mother Ellen and Mother Katherine, of the Anglican Sisterhood.

                Death Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald 29 December 1897.jpg
                death notice in 1897

                E A Hillyard Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald 29 October 1898.jpg
                Memorial Window.

                Nottinghamshire Guardian 01 January 1898.jpg
                Living in the gift of the Strutt Family