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Requesting someone to search Poland for Helwig

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  • Requesting someone to search Poland for Helwig

    Can someone please help me find some records in Poland about my grandfather and great grand father.

    Edward Helwig was married to Amelia Klinger. They lived in Russia-Poland in what is now called the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. They had nine children. The first (Augusta Helwig) was born in Russia-Germany in 1876. She left Nieszawa for America in 1898. Caroline immigrated in 1898 , Edward, August (from Lipno)and Matilda (from Plock) in 1901, Adolph in 1903 (from Brobrowniki), Otto in 1906 (from Rybitwa, Lipno), Emelie (unknown), and Bertha in 1909 (from Rybit, Plock).

    Adolph (born in Lipno) was my grandfather. I would like to have records of his life in Poland. I am mostly interested in Edward and Amelia. Knowing where they came from, who their parents were. Birth and death records.

    Augusta was born in 1876 so Edward had to have been born pre-1858. Bertha came to America in 1909 and stated on her ship list that Edward was alive in Rybit at that time.

    I have searched all over for any info about Helwigs from Poland and especially Kuyavian-Pomeranian province but have never found ANY.
    I have many records from almost all of the siblings while in America but have never found anything about their them or their parents in Poland. A family record states that Edward was born under the rule of Czar Nicholas in the town of Voska- Budea with I think may have actually been a mis-pronounciation of Wolsche Buden or Wolschebuden. I have also found that Wolschebuden is the German name for Makowiska.

    A map shows Makowiska in the same province as where the siblings came from

    So, anything that could be found would be appreciated.

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    I forgot to add that this family was Lutheran, so church records from Makowiska, Lipno and Rybit would likely have the best information. I have no idea how to locate the relevant records on line.


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      Hi and welcome to the forum.
      just a question first.
      Did you order and look at this film from Family Search as was suggested? I see this was back in 2009.

      this page is worth looking at if you haven't read it before.

      I believe we are unable to order any Polish films from Family Search at the moment as they are in the process of digitising them.

      There are some records for Prussia on Ancestry.

      Eastern Prussian Provinces, Germany [Poland], Selected Civil Vitals, 1874-1945


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        Unfortunately there is very little online for the old east prussian provinces/modern polish state.

        if you know the town of origin, where the children were born, you will have to look through the parish or civil records (usually about 1874, when prussia forged the german state) of the area, which may be filmed by familysearch, but usually only available in the state archives.

        another impediment is the records may be unavailable, due to gaps in surviving registers or no surviving records due to war.

        your best bet is to find a genealogist or researcher who is willing to do research for you. This can be expensive, but is worth it.


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          A local researcher would know what other records could also be looked at, such as school records. I have a researcher in central germany who was able to give me school records in the 1850's.