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    I could kick myself as I just can not find where my claim to fame is from. When I went down south before christmas I had a great meeting with a 4th cousin and I proudly told her that one of our relation had the signature of William Wilberforce's son on their marriage certificate or parish record entry as Henry Wilberforce was the marrying reverend. I have always believed it was the sister of one of our direct ancestors and promised to show her it when I returned home. I can not find it and I found the marriage of the one I thought it was and its not that one. I did however find Henry Wilberforce on wikipedia and it says he was a reverend in East Farleigh which is in the right county so I cant be for off. I know I have seen it as somebody showed it to me. I am sure it would be on a thread somewhere with my claim to fame so tried searching this site but not been able to find it, mind you I am not as good as others at searching.
    Sarah Ann Phipps is my 3rd great grandmother and married 1845 to Richard Martin. I was convinced it was her sister Mary Phipps but alas its not. I am certain it was one of the Phipps family. Maybe it was a more distant one....