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  • probate help please

    hoping someone can help me please as i've already paid out once to probate and had it returned as wrong info and dont want the same again. i entered the info and put folia as 0 (as none listed) and sent back. i've entered 0 when there isnt a folio before and they have come through.

    Violatte Beatty Wood, died 31st july 1990, probate record is as follows:
    Name:Violetta Beatty Wood.
    Death Date: 31 Jul 1990.
    Death Place: Moulton Spalding Lincs.
    Probate Date: 4 Sep 1900
    Probate Registry: Manchester
    Household members

    image attached.
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    **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**

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    I think I just left it blank if there was no folio number. Is that an option?
    It's a bit pathetic if they can't find it with all the rest if the detail.
    But wait .... I haven't ordered such a recent one before. What is that long number after the value of the estate? Maybe someone else has done this?


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      thanks anne, as for long number i have no idea. hopefully someone else does
      **no point asking the living for help as the dead are more helpful!!!**


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        See Folio help. Folio no should be handwritten on left. If none, leave field blank

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          I’d leave it blank too. I did that recently with one that had a long number which I did not use and it cane through no problems.