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    Happy New Year to you all!

    My Christmas present to myself every year is renewing my sub to Ancestry.

    Last night in a fit of s*d it all itis, I decided to do a six month trial sub of I did it as a separate sub, as I was worried that if the trial did not work for me, I might have problems unsubbing, and ( more to the point) affect my ancestry price next year.

    Darksecretz - I have looked for your missing fella, and he remains missing.

    Last night I fooled around with the site a bit, and it has a lot for the USA, less so for Canada. I haven't tried the UK, Australia and Panama yet.

    What I liked was how easy it was to print off the articles, how clear they were with the citations at the top. I must admit that I struggled with FMP newspapers.

    I am sure that you will guess what I will be doing this afternoon!

    George, Uren, Toy - Cornwall. Barrows, Blair, Bowyer, Freeth, Green, Manie - London

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    Thank you for looking Ruth, it is very much appreciated. I hope that you have lots of success while scouring the papers.
    They're coming to take me away haha hee hee..........

    .......I find dead people