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Family search help, please - I'm intellectually challenged!

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  • Family search help, please - I'm intellectually challenged!

    This marriage record transcription is on the FamilySearch website. Michael McDonough, "England, Northumberland, Parish Registers, 1538-1950" • FamilySearch.

    I can't find out HOW to decipher the reference number given (event place 132-1988) of the original record so that I can try to unearth the correct parish register. There are several Michael McDonoughs of similar ages in that area of Northumberland, so I was hoping to find an image of the marriage showing the names of the witnesses. The transcription just states the marriage was at Blyth. I managed to find a film of the marriage register for Our lady and St Wilfrid RC church Blyth, but I couldn't see that event in the images for 1886.
    In 1881 MY Michael was in the parental home in Blyth, but I can't find him after that date. He was born 26 April 1866 & bp 29 April at Our Lady and St Wilfrid, Blyth. 1871 census records place of birth as Earsdon, 1881 as Blyth. It's a long standing conundrum - his father was named Michael McDonough, also a nephew born Blyth 1890. Over the years I've chased up several namesakes with no success. Many spelling variants of the surname and by 1901 his elder brother Thomas was recorded as Donough (no Mc), before morphing into Donnick. Their younger sister, my Granny, was recorded as McDonald when she married (That was a job to sort out in pre-online records days.)

    Thanks for reading
    Janet in Yorkshire

    Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree

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    I tried the library version of FMP in case they had a parish register image but no, not even a transcript. They only have the GRO entry.


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      Thanks for trying GL. I get really wound up by FamilySearch banging up a transcript without indicating the original source. It seems to be happening more and more on the site. Is sourcing and verifying the origins of records now out of fashion?
      Janet in Yorkshire

      Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree


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        I have been through quite a few of their help pages about places and code numbers but I am darned if I can find a list of them. It doesn’t matter where you enter thst code in their advanced search screens, it just doesn’t match as a correct value for anything.
        No wonder it’s driving you nuts!
        I also tried ancestry for family trees in the hope that someone might have an image in their gallery but there isn’t a single tree with a person of that name who married in Northumberland in 1886.


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          Not sure this will help, but the image is from a digital collection from Northumberland County Archives - so FS didn't make a film just made or borrowed the image from the Archives. Here's the entry on FS catalog

          which indicates the source is Church of England. St. Mary's Church (Blyth, Northumberland) also, NB the comment that some records appear to be from Horton.

          You can see the Image Group Number (DGS) on the link that you referenced 103064031 and then you can find that number on the page that I linked to Marriages, EP110-24, 1864-1893 - BUT NO LINK TO ACTUAL IMAGE :(

          I don't know that FS even has the actual images available at one of their own computers. It may be only available at the Archives.
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            Thanks again, GL
            Don't ask me how 'cos I couldn't tell you but I manged to get into the images for Church of Our Lady & St Wilfred and read through all the marriage images c1863 to c1905. Checked every page and it wasn't there, so it must have been at one of the other churches. I think it may have been St Mary's, but all that pulls up is the same transcript. I'm old fashioned and like "proper" evidence

            I don't really bother much with the McDonough Ancestry trees anymore. Rather naively, some years ago I "shared" (I passed on to a few others!) the info I had at that time - nothing ever came back, but got passed on again to others and put on trees, some of them embellished with a few other muddled facts, but nothing new. So now I just plough my own furrow!
            Janet in Yorkshire

            Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree


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              Thanks PF. Nice to have confirmation that it probably was St Mary's.
              Janet in Yorkshire

              Genealogists never die - they just swap places in the family tree