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Are you a City Dweller or a Townie?

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  • Are you a City Dweller or a Townie?

    The dust has settled after my recent house move and that got me thinking about what we look for and what we need from a location when we move? For many of us that changes over years, depends on work, if you have children or if you’re retired.

    So which one are you and how would our ancestors have made their choices??
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    Not sure what the difference between those two is


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      I certainly know how my grandfather made his choice, in fact the army in which he served from the age of 17 made it for him for the next 25 years by posting him from time to time to different locations, aka Liverpool, Plymouth, Gibraltar and finally of course to France
      in WW1.
      He next popped up 7 years after the war ended migrating to Australia, because his two daughters had by then migrated here. So, I
      would think it was by then for family reasons only.
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        Life often dictates the paths we take, moving because of work, moving to be nearer to family, there are lots of different reasons for us to locate. I definitely think our needs change as we get older as well.
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